MAX Light Rail

MAX Light Rail Trimet While not a bus, the MAX Light Rail is an integral part of Portland’s public transportation network, offering fast, reliable service across the city and beyond. Connecting major neighborhoods, attractions, and business districts, the MAX Light Rail is your gateway to all Portland has to offer. Stay informed with real-time schedule … Ler mais

Red Line, Airport/City Center/Beaverton

Red Line, Airport/City Center/Beaverton MAX lines & schedules. The Red Line is your direct ticket to and from Portland International Airport, with stops through the City Center and out to Beaverton. Ideal for travelers and daily commuters, this MAX line ensures you can move efficiently between major hubs without the stress of traffic. Access comprehensive … Ler mais

Yellow Line, Expo Center/City Center/PSU

Yellow Line, Expo Center/City Center/PSU MAX lines & schedules. Travel from the Expo Center to the City Center and PSU effortlessly with the Yellow Line. This MAX service is tailored for those who value punctuality and connectivity, offering a direct route to educational campuses, entertainment venues, and business districts. With detailed lines and schedules, the … Ler mais

Orange Line, Milwaukie/City Center

Orange Line, Milwaukie/City Center MAX lines & schedules. Connect to Portland’s vibrant urban core with the Orange Line, bridging Milwaukie with the City Center. This MAX line enhances access to waterfront parks, business districts, and cultural venues, making it an essential service for residents and visitors alike. The Orange Line’s lines and schedules are meticulously … Ler mais

Green Line, Clackamas/City Center/PSU

Green Line, Clackamas/City Center/PSU MAX lines & schedules. The Green Line offers a direct path through Portland’s heart, from Clackamas to the City Center and PSU, making urban commuting a breeze. This MAX line is designed for the urban explorer and daily commuter, providing reliable service to key areas including educational institutions, shopping centers, and … Ler mais

Blue Line, Hillsboro/City Center/Gresham

Blue Line, Hillsboro/City Center/Gresham MAX lines & schedules. Embark on a seamless journey across the Portland metro area with the Blue Line, connecting Hillsboro, City Center, and Gresham. This MAX line is a vital link for commuters, students, and tourists, offering an efficient and scenic route to the city’s most visited destinations. With comprehensive lines … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 76 Hall/Greenburg

Bus Schedule 76 Hall/Greenburg Trimet The 76 Hall/Greenburg bus line is a cornerstone for community connectivity, linking residential areas with business districts. This route simplifies your commute, offering a reliable and efficient way to traverse Portland. Ensure a smooth travel experience by leveraging the latest bus service updates. Trimet 76 Bus Schedule Hall/Greenburg 76-Hall/Greenburg 76-Hall/Greenburg … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 75 Cesar Chavez/Lombard

Bus Schedule 75 Cesar Chavez/Lombard Trimet Spanning from Cesar Chavez to Lombard, the 75 bus line offers a direct route through Portland’s diverse neighborhoods. With stops at key locations, this service is essential for those who value convenience and connectivity. Keep track of the bus schedule to make the most of your day. Trimet 75 … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 73 122nd Ave

Bus Schedule 73 122nd Ave Trimet The 73 122nd Ave bus line provides a vital connection across one of Portland’s key thoroughfares, facilitating easy access to shops, services, and schools. Designed for the daily commuter and the weekend wanderer alike, the bus schedule is a tool for seamless city navigation. Trimet 73 Bus Schedule 122nd … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 72 Killingsworth/82nd

Bus Schedule 72 Killingsworth/82nd Trimet Discover Portland’s dynamic urban landscape with the 72 Killingsworth/82nd bus line. This route serves as a crucial link between residential areas, educational institutions, and commercial hubs. Efficient service and strategic stops ensure that your journey is both convenient and enjoyable. Trimet 72 Bus Schedule Killingsworth/82nd 72-Killingsworth/82nd 72-Killingsworth/82nd connects Swan Island, … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 57 TV Hwy/Forest Grove

Bus Schedule 57 TV Hwy/Forest Grove Trimet The 57 TV Hwy/Forest Grove bus line brings the beauty and tranquility of Forest Grove closer to the hustle and bustle of the TV Highway. Ideal for commuters, students, and tourists, this route offers a direct path to both nature and city life. Plan your trips with ease … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 54 Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy

Bus Schedule 54 Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Trimet Connecting Beaverton to the Hillsdale Highway, the 54 bus line offers a convenient route for accessing suburban communities and urban attractions. Whether you’re headed to work, school, or leisure destinations, the bus schedule is designed to support your travel plans. Trimet 54 Bus Schedule Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy 54-Beaverton-Hillsdale … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 48 Cornell

Bus Schedule 48 Cornell Trimet Explore the scenic routes of Portland with the 48 Cornell bus line. This service connects you to residential neighborhoods, educational institutions, and natural parks, making it perfect for students, professionals, and nature enthusiasts. Stay informed with bus service updates to enjoy a reliable and picturesque commute. Trimet 48 Bus Schedule … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 33 McLoughlin/King Rd

Bus Schedule 33 McLoughlin/King Rd Trimet The 33 McLoughlin/King Rd bus line is your direct link to Portland’s thriving neighborhoods and business districts. Offering consistent service and strategic stops, this route is indispensable for daily commutes and weekend excursions alike. Utilize the bus schedule to navigate the city with confidence. Trimet 33 Bus Schedule McLoughlin/King … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 20 Burnside/Stark

Bus Schedule 20 Burnside/Stark Trimet Experience the convenience of crossing Portland from east to west with the 20 Burnside/Stark bus. This essential route serves as a key artery, connecting diverse communities and facilitating access to major landmarks. The bus schedule is tailored for efficiency, making it simpler to plan your journey across the city. Trimet … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 17 Holgate/Broadway

Bus Schedule 17 Holgate/Broadway Trimet The 17 Holgate/Broadway bus line provides a seamless connection between residential areas and the bustling Broadway district. Ideal for commuters and leisure travelers alike, this route ensures you’re never far from your next destination. With a reliable bus schedule, navigating Portland has never been easier. Trimet 17 Bus Schedule Holgate/Broadway … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 15 Belmont/NW 23rd

Bus Schedule 15 Belmont/NW 23rd Trimet Linking Belmont to NW 23rd, the 15 bus line serves as a bridge between historic neighborhoods and modern urban living. This route is perfect for those who appreciate the blend of past and present, offering easy access to Portland’s renowned dining and retail establishments. Stay ahead of your plans … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 14 Hawthorne

Bus Schedule 14 Hawthorne Trimet Dive into the heart of Portland’s vibrant culture with the 14 Hawthorne bus. Serving one of the city’s most dynamic districts, this route is a lifeline for accessing eclectic shops, local eateries, and entertainment venues. Embrace the convenience of the bus schedule and make every trip an adventure. Trimet 14 … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 12 Barbur/Sandy Blvd

Bus Schedule 12 Barbur/Sandy Blvd Trimet Traverse Portland from Barbur to Sandy Blvd with ease on the 12 bus line. This route highlights the city’s diverse landscape, connecting residential neighborhoods with key urban centers. Whether you’re headed to work, school, or play, the 12 Barbur/Sandy Blvd line is engineered for reliability and convenience. Trimet 12 … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 9 Powell Blvd

Bus Schedule 9 Powell Blvd Trimet The 9 Powell Blvd bus line offers a direct route to one of Portland’s main arteries, facilitating easy access to a variety of destinations, from shopping centers to educational campuses. Frequent service and strategic stops make it a preferred choice for efficient city travel. Leverage the bus schedule to … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 8 Jackson Park/NE 15th

Bus Schedule 8 Jackson Park/NE 15th Trimet Experience Portland’s unique charm with the 8 Jackson Park/NE 15th bus line. Connecting the tranquil spaces of Jackson Park to the bustling streets of NE 15th, this route offers both tranquility and urban excitement. Ideal for daily commutes or leisurely weekend outings, staying informed on the bus schedule … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 6 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Bus Schedule 6 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Trimet The 6 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd bus line is your gateway to one of Portland’s most iconic thoroughfares. Serving a route steeped in culture and history, this bus provides a direct link to community landmarks, educational institutions, and bustling commercial areas. Whether you’re commuting for … Ler mais

Bus Schedule 4 Fessenden

Bus Schedule 4 Fessenden Trimet Navigate through Portland with ease on the 4 Fessenden bus. This route connects diverse neighborhoods, making it a vital link for daily commuters, students, and weekend adventurers. From serene parks to vibrant shopping districts, the 4 Fessenden brings the city’s treasures closer to you. Check the latest bus service updates … Ler mais

Bus Schedule FX2 Division

Bus Schedule FX2 Division Trimet Discover seamless connectivity across Portland with the FX2 Division bus line. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring local hotspots, or simply enjoying the scenic route, the FX2 Division offers efficient and reliable service. With stops strategically placed to serve bustling areas, this bus line is a cornerstone for residents and … Ler mais