Madison Metro Bus Schedule, check out how to navigate all areas of Madison at any time and have everything easily accessible at your fingertips. This guide is meticulously designed for everyone: daily commuters, University of Wisconsin-Madison students, and visitors eager to explore Madison’s charm. With a keen emphasis on efficiency, affordability, and sustainability, Madison Metro offers an extensive network of routes, ensuring that your journey across the city—from serene parks to the bustling downtown area—is as smooth as possible. Here, we delve into the essentials of planning your journey, leveraging Madison’s public transport system, and, crucially, locating the Madison bus times and schedules with utmost ease.

Embarking on your Madison Metro adventure begins with a deep dive into the bus routes that cater to your specific travel needs. Whether it’s a direct line to the UW Hospital, a leisurely trip to Capitol Square, or a reliable commute to work, Madison Metro has you covered. The system is thoughtfully designed to accommodate a diverse array of passenger needs, ensuring that your travels, regardless of purpose, are met with convenient and timely bus options.

Madison Metro Bus Schedule

This section is your comprehensive guide to mastering the Madison Metro Bus Schedule. It extends beyond mere timetables to include detailed maps, routes, and essential travel information, empowering you to navigate the city’s public transport system with confidence. While this overview provides a snapshot, accessing the links below will grant you the latest schedule, route, and map details to plan your journey effortlessly.

Route D: Watts to Dane County Airport via New Sprecher

Route E: McKee to Capitol Square

Route F: Junction to Capitol Square

Route G: South Transfer Point to Independence

Route H: Westfield to South Transfer Point

Route J: Westfield to Brooks

Route L: Femrite to Sherman

Route O: South Transfer Point to Brooks

Route P: Independence to Portage via Hayes

Route R: Junction to South Ridge via Capitol Square

Route S: Okeeffe to Windsor via Grand

Route W: Sun Prairie Loop

Route 28: Johnson to University Bay Drive

Route 38 Johnson // University Bay Dr.

Route 55: Junction to Epic

Route 65 Research Park // University Bay Dr.

Route 75: Capitol Square to Epic

Route 80: Memorial Union to Eagle Heights

Route 81: Park to Broom via Johnson/Gorham

Route 82: Observatory to Breese Loop

Route 84: Eagle Heights Loop

Route 601 AM & PM: N. Thompson to E. Washington

Route 602 AM & PM: Independence to E. Washington

Route 603 AM & PM: Anhalt Dr. to E. Washington via East HS

Route 604 AM & PM: Kennedy to East Washington via East HS

Route 605 AM & PM: Northport to E. Washington

Route 611 AM: South Transfer Point to Pflaum via LaFollette HS

Route 612 AM: Marsh to Pflaum via LaFollette HS

Route 613 AM: Eagle Crest Dr. to Pflaum via LaFollette HS

Route 614 AM & PM: Regent-Capital High and Pflaum-LaFollette

Route 615 AM: Various Educational and Residential Areas

Route 616 AM: Wyalusing & Sprecher Areas

Route 620 AM & Other AM Routes: Focused Connectivity

Route 621 AM: Suburban Link

Route 622 AM: Educational Connector

Route 623 AM & PM: Workday Shuttle

Route 624 AM: Retail Route

Route 625 AM & PM: Comprehensive City Coverage

Route 626 AM

Route 627 AM: Schroeder to Memorial HS

Route 628 AM & PM: Comprehensive Coverage for Diverse Needs

Route 629 AM: Connecting Key City Points

Route 631 PM

Route 632 PM

Route 633 PM

Route 635 AM & PM: Greenway and Post Connectivity

Route 636 PM: Evening Service Enhancement

Route 637 AM/PM

Route 638 AM/PM

Madison Metro Bus Schedule
Madison Metro Bus Schedule

Madison Metro’s commitment to passenger convenience is evident through its user-centric website, designed to simplify your search for the perfect bus schedule. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned local, the platform’s intuitive design ensures you find your bus schedule swiftly. Real-time tracking features further enhance your travel planning, providing up-to-the-minute updates on bus arrivals to streamline your schedule and minimize wait times.

Moreover, the Madison Metro website is a treasure trove of resources, from how-to guides on reading bus schedules to tips for seamless route transfers. Coupled with transparent fare information and various payment options, it offers a holistic approach to navigating Madison’s public transport costs and logistics.

For both new and experienced travelers, the Madison Metro Bus Schedule is your comprehensive resource for efficient, stress-free navigation through Madison. By tapping into the extensive information and tools available, you can meticulously plan your travels, ensuring a smooth and timely journey to your destination. With Madison Metro, you’re equipped with everything you need for a seamless urban transit experience, inviting you to explore the city’s diverse offerings with ease and comfort.