MAX Light Rail

MAX Light Rail Trimet While not a bus, the MAX Light Rail is an integral part of Portland’s public transportation network, offering fast, reliable service across the city and beyond. Connecting major neighborhoods, attractions, and business districts, the MAX Light Rail is your gateway to all Portland has to offer. Stay informed with real-time schedule updates for a seamless travel experience.

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MAX Light Rail Stations Overview

Below is a compilation of TriMet’s MAX Light Rail stations. Select any station name to discover available connections, facilities, and further specifics. Additionally, explore a comprehensive MAX system map or locate MAX stations using the Interactive System Map for more insights..

Hillsboro to City Center – Hatfield Government Center

Located at the MAX Blue Line’s western terminus, the Hatfield Government Center station bridges Washington and Main on SW Adams in Hillsboro. This pivotal stop offers direct access to Portland City Center and Gresham, making it a prime starting point for commuters. Its features include Park & Ride facilities, accessibility for mobility devices, and real-time TransitTracker signs, enhancing the travel experience from Hillsboro to bustling city locales.

Hillsboro Central/SE 3rd Ave Transit Center

Echoing the historic charm of the original Oregon Electric Railway, the Hillsboro Central Transit Center resides on the north side of SW Washington Street. As a hub for the Blue Line towards Portland City Center and Gresham, it connects passengers with multiple bus routes, providing a comprehensive network for efficient travel. The adjacent Park & Ride, alongside modern amenities, ensures a seamless transit experience.

Tuality Hospital/SE 8th Ave

Positioned on SE Washington between 7th and 8th avenues, this station serves as a vital link for healthcare access and urban exploration. It facilitates journeys across the Blue Line, from Hillsboro to the heart of Portland and Gresham, complemented by Park & Ride options and amenities designed for convenience and inclusivity.

Washington/SE 12th Ave

This station, nestled east of SE Washington Street and 12th Avenue, is a gateway for residents and visitors to explore Hillsboro’s vibrant community. It supports Blue Line travelers heading towards Portland City Center and Gresham, offering accessible features and bike-friendly facilities to encourage sustainable urban mobility.

Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport

South of NE Cornell on NE 34th, this station not only serves aviation enthusiasts heading to Hillsboro Airport but also connects them to Portland City Center and Gresh am via the Blue Line. Its strategic location, coupled with Park & Ride and accessible amenities, caters to a diverse range of transit needs.

Hawthorn Farm

Located south of Cornell Road along NE El am Young Parkway, the Hawthorn Farm station provides a convenient stop for those traveling on the Blue Line between Hillsboro and Portland’s urban centers. Accessibility features and bike parking underscore TriMet’s commitment to a commuter-friendly environment.


Orenco station lies on NW 231st Avenue, offering a bridge between the past and the present with its access to historic areas and modern conveniences. This Blue Line stop facilitates easy commutes to Portland City Center and Gresham, enhanced by Park & Ride facilities and comprehensive transit amenities.


At the heart of NW Quatama Road & 205th Avenue, Quatama station stands as a testament to the region’s growth and development. Serving the Blue Line, it connects individuals to the wider Portland area, supported by Park & Ride options and a focus on accessibility.

Willow Creek/SW 185th Ave Transit Center

This transit center, a cornerstone of Hillsboro’s transport infrastructure, offers extensive connections including the Blue Line to Portland and Gresham. Its location, amenities, and integrated Park & Ride facilities reflect TriMet’s dedication to enhancing public transit accessibility.

Elmonica/SW 170th Ave

Elmonica station, positioned on SW 170th Avenue, facilitates travel along the Blue Line, connecting Hillsboro to Gresh am and Portland’s dynamic city center. Its amenities and Park & Ride options embody the convenience and efficiency that define TriMet’s service.

Merlo/SW 158th Ave

Situated on SW 158th Avenue, Merlo station acts as a conduit for community movement, offering Blue Line services to and from Portland City Center and Gresham. Accessibility and bike-friendly facilities underscore its role in promoting sustainable urban transit solutions.

Beaverton Creek

Closest to Nike World Headquarters, Beaverton Creek station on SW 153rd Drive is a key stop for professionals and visitors alike. Serving the Blue Line, it provides strategic access to Portland City Center and Gresham, complemented by Park & Ride and accessible transit features.

Millikan Way

This station, located on SW Millikan Way, is a hub for Beaverton’s commuters and visitors, offering Blue Line services towards Portland and Gresham. Its integration of Park & Ride, accessibility, and bike amenities highlights TriMet’s commitment to a comprehensive transit experience.

Beaverton Central

Situated north of SW Canyon Road, Beaverton Central station is a gateway to the city’s bustling heart, with the Blue Line providing direct routes to Portland City Center and Gresham. Its accessibility features ensure that all travelers can navigate the transit system with ease.

Beaverton Transit Center

As a major node in Beaverton’s transport network, this transit center on SW Lombard Avenue offers unparalleled access to the Blue and Red Lines, connecting commuters to Portland City Center, Gresham, and the airport. Its extensive amenities, including Bike & Ride, Park & Ride, and real-time transit updates, cater to a seamless commuting experience.

Sunset Transit Center

Strategically located within the highways 26 and 217 cloverleaf, the Sunset Transit Center facilitates travel on the Blue and Red Lines to and from Portland’s city center and the airport. Its comprehensive amenities, including Park & Ride and bike facilities, support TriMet’s vision of accessible and efficient public transportation.

MAX Light Rail, also known as the Metropolitan Area Express, bridges the gap between Portland City Center and its surrounding areas. This extensive rail system seamlessly links Beaverton, Clackamas, Gresham, Hillsboro, Milwaukie, North/Northeast Portland, and even Portland International Airport, facilitating a cohesive transit network across the city and beyond.