Trimet – Schedules, Routes, and Stops Overview. Trimet serves as the go-to public transportation provider within Portland, OR, boasting a comprehensive network of bus routes.

With a total of 79 bus routes operating across Portland, OR, Trimet manages an impressive tally of 6065 bus stops.

Geographically, Trimet’s bus services span from the North, with the furthest point being N Columbia (Lombard) & Simmons (South), stretching all the way to the South at SE Currin & Hwy 211-224 (South). On the West, the furthest stop is located at 19th & B St (East) in Forest Grove, while the easternmost stop reaches SE Currin & Hwy 211-224 (South) in Estacada.

For the most up-to-date line schedules (including timetables, itineraries, and service hours), as well as real-time departure and arrival information at stations, the app keeps everything current.

Updates on Trimet Schedule For any service alerts including bus statuses, delays, route changes, stop adjustments, and other service modifications, the website provides real-time updates.

Interesting Facts About Trimet Trimet’s bus operations extend across various locations in Portland, OR, including Oregon City, Portland, Gresham, Aloha, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, and Oak Grove.

The longest Trimet line is the 20, initiating from Beaverton Transit Center (South) in Beaverton and terminating at NE Kelly & 8th (Gresham Central TC) (South) in Gresham, spanning over 40 km with 131 stops.

Conversely, the shortest line, labeled GREEN, starts from Gateway Transit Center (North) in Portland and ends at SE 96th & SE Main St Max Stn (South) in Portland, covering a mere 2 km with 2 stops.

Based on insights from, the most favored lines among Trimet users are 10 and 99.

Trimet Bus Fare Information Ticket costs and pricing for different types may fluctuate based on various factors. For the latest bus fare details of individual lines, visiting is recommended. For comprehensive information on ride fares and online ticket purchases, please consult Trimet’s official website.

Finding Trimet Schedules Looking for a specific Trimet Bus schedule? All information regarding Trimet lines and schedules in Portland, OR is readily accessible through This platform also offers directions for Trimet routes along with convenient step-by-step navigation.

Bus Schedule and MAX Lines Include:

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About Enhanced Frequent Service

Enhanced Frequent Service Bus Stop

The Enhanced Frequent Service routes are strategically designed to link regional centers bustling with commuters. These lines not only offer increased service frequency throughout most weekdays but also include several enhancements aimed at streamlining your journey, making it quicker, more efficient, and comfortable:

  • Upgraded shelters and signage poles featuring service details and Stop ID numbers
  • Landings and curb ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Optimized bus stop spacing and curb extensions
  • Improved walkability to stops
  • Traffic signal optimization for buses
  • Dedicated bus lanes