SEPTA 99 BUS SCHEDULE, Navigate your way from Phoenixville to Norristown Transportation Center with the SEPTA 99 bus, serving King of Prussia along the way. This route is essential for those working or shopping in one of the region’s key commercial hubs, providing a reliable link to public transportation and services. Below, you’ll find the … Ler mais


SEPTA 43 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 43 bus provides a direct route from Richmond Street at Cumberland Street to 50th Street at Parkside Avenue (Parkside Loop), serving Northern Liberties and other key neighborhoods. This service is perfect for accessing Philadelphia’s expansive park system and residential areas, offering a reliable mode of transportation for leisure and … Ler mais


SEPTA 42 BUS SCHEDULE, Navigate across Philadelphia with the SEPTA 42 bus, connecting Penn’s Landing to Wycombe or 61st Street at Pine Street. This route covers key areas in Center City and West Philadelphia, making it an indispensable service for daily commuters, students, and visitors looking to explore the city’s diverse attractions. Detailed travel information, … Ler mais


SEPTA 40 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 40 bus offers a crucial link between 2nd Street at Lombard Street and Conshohocken Avenue at Monument Road, serving the historical and vibrant neighborhoods of Society Hill and West Park. This route is essential for those who rely on public transportation for their daily commute or for exploring the … Ler mais


SEPTA 39 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 39 bus connects Richmond Street at Cumberland Street to 33rd Street at Dauphin Street, serving Kensington and Strawberry Mansion. This route offers residents a reliable means of navigating through some of Philadelphia’s most historic neighborhoods. Below, find the latest bus times, detailed maps, and additional information needed to plan … Ler mais


SEPTA 38 BUS SCHEDULE, Travel along the scenic and cultural heart of Philadelphia with the SEPTA 38 bus, running from 5th Street at Market Street to Wissahickon Transportation Center. This route passes by Benjamin Franklin Parkway attractions, the Please Touch Museum, and into the Mantua neighborhood, making it ideal for tourists and locals alike. Up-to-date … Ler mais


SEPTA 37 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 37 bus route ensures a direct connection from Broad Street at Snyder Avenue to Chester Transportation Center, incorporating stops in Eastwick and near Philadelphia International Airport. This Night Owl Service is essential for airport travelers and late-shift workers, providing reliable transportation options during off-peak hours. For those using this … Ler mais


SEPTA 35 BUS SCHEDULE, Embark on a circular journey with the SEPTA 35 bus, serving the Manayunk Roxborough Loop. This route is specially designed to provide connectivity within these closely-knit communities, offering a convenient option for local errands, commutes, and explorations. Below, you will find all the necessary travel information, such as the bus schedule, … Ler mais


SEPTA 22 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 22 bus offers an essential service from Warminster and Willow Grove, along Jacksonville Road, to Olney Transportation Center, serving the Glenside area. This route is a lifeline for residents and commuters, enabling easy access to shopping, education, and employment centers. For those planning to use this service, look below … Ler mais


SEPTA 30 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 30 bus from William H. Gray III 30th Street Station to 69th Street Transportation Center covers University City and West Philadelphia, providing crucial connectivity for students, professionals, and residents. This route enhances access to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and cultural landmarks. Detailed travel information, including schedules and maps, will … Ler mais


SEPTA 29 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 29 bus provides a link from Pier 70 Boulevard to 33rd Street at Dickinson Street, serving South Philadelphia and Grays Ferry. This route is perfect for accessing the diverse neighborhoods and waterfront attractions Philadelphia has to offer. Below, passengers will find the latest bus schedule, a comprehensive route map, … Ler mais


SEPTA 28 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 28 bus serves the route from Torresdale Avenue at Cottman Avenue to Fern Rock Transportation Center, passing through Tacony and Fox Chase. This line is vital for residents and visitors seeking convenient access to Northeast Philadelphia and beyond. For those planning to travel on this route, detailed schedules, maps, … Ler mais


SEPTA 27 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 27 bus offers a direct route from Broad Street at Carpenter Street to Plymouth Meeting Mall, serving Center City, Manayunk, Roxborough, and Barren Hill. Ideal for shoppers, commuters, and explorers alike, this route provides access to some of the area’s most scenic and bustling districts. Anticipate finding all necessary … Ler mais


SEPTA 26 BUS SCHEDULE, Navigate the city effortlessly with the SEPTA 26 bus, which runs from Chelten Avenue Station to Frankford Transportation Center, serving the Olney Transportation Center. This service is crucial for those relying on public transit to move between North Philadelphia’s key points of interest and residential areas. Below, find comprehensive travel details … Ler mais


SEPTA 25 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 25 bus connects Columbus Commons to Frankford Transportation Center, traversing through Bridesburg, Port Richmond, and Northern Liberties. This route is a key link for residents and visitors looking to explore these vibrant neighborhoods or commute efficiently. For your convenience, detailed schedules, route maps, and other essential travel information will … Ler mais


SEPTA 24 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 24 bus creates a bridge between Southampton, Rockledge, and the Frankford Transportation Center, serving the communities of Fox Chase and Bethayres. This route is ideal for those seeking a dependable mode of transportation for daily activities, work, or leisure in these suburban areas. Below, passengers can find all necessary … Ler mais


SEPTA 23 BUS SCHEDULE, Travel with the SEPTA 23 bus for a Night Owl Service route that connects Center City to Chestnut Hill, traversing through North Philadelphia and Chinatown. This around-the-clock service is perfect for late-night workers, early morning commutes, and those enjoying the city’s nightlife, ensuring that Philadelphia remains accessible at any hour. Comprehensive … Ler mais


SEPTA 21 BUS SCHEDULE, Experience the convenience of the SEPTA 21 bus route, stretching from Penn’s Landing to 69th Street Transportation Center and serving key areas across Center City and West Philadelphia. This vital transit link is indispensable for urban dwellers and visitors, providing efficient access to diverse neighborhoods and attractions. Below, detailed travel information … Ler mais


SEPTA 14 BUS SCHEDULE, Experience night-time reliability with the SEPTA 14 bus, a Night Owl Service route connecting Oxford Valley and Neshaminy Mall to Frankford Transportation Center, serving Northeast Philadelphia. This service is crucial for late-night workers and travelers. For your journey planning, expect to find updated bus schedules, detailed route maps, and essential travel … Ler mais


SEPTA 12 BUS SCHEDULE, The SEPTA 12 bus schedule is tailored for passengers moving between Columbus Boulevard at Dock Street and 50th Street at Woodland Avenue, serving Society Hill and Kingsessing. This route is a popular choice for those commuting to and from Philadelphia’s historic and residential areas, the SEPTA 12 Bus Schedule. 12 SEPTA … Ler mais


SEPTA 9 BUS SCHEDULE, Travel from 4th Street at Walnut Street to Andorra on the SEPTA 9 bus, providing service through Center City to Roxborough. This route is ideal for accessing the diverse neighborhoods and suburban areas of Philadelphia, the SEPTA 9 Bus Schedule. 9 SEPTA Bus Schedule Route Bus Septa 9. 4th Street at … Ler mais


K BUS SCHEDULE SEPTA . K BUS SCHEDULE SEPTA RIDGE-MIDVALE TO ARROTT TRANSPORTATION CENTER Traffic and transportation of the city of Philadelphia, SEPTA demonstrate the options of buses in the county, know how to plan to use the trip and how to reach your destination using public transportation. The files here demonstrate the shipment data … Ler mais

SEPTA Trolley Route 102 Schedule

SEPTA Trolley Route 102 Schedule, Serving Upper Darby, Drexel Hill, Springfield, Clifton Heights, Media, Aldan, Collingwood, and Sharon Hill, the SEPTA Trolley Route 102 is an integral part of the area’s public transportation network, linking these suburban communities with west Philadelphia, the SEPTA Trolley Route 102 Bus Schedule. Trolley Route 102 SEPTA Bus Schedule Route … Ler mais

SEPTA Trolley Route 101 Schedule

SEPTA Trolley Route 101 Schedule, The SEPTA Trolley Route 101 connects Media with west Philadelphia, serving Springfield, Drexel Hill, and Upper Darby along the way. This trolley line offers a unique and historical mode of transportation, providing a scenic and efficient alternative to bus or rail travel for residents and visitors alike, the SEPTA Trolley … Ler mais

SEPTA Trolley Route 36 Schedule

SEPTA Trolley Route 36 Schedule, Linking locations in southwest Philadelphia with Center City via University City, the SEPTA Trolley Route 36 is a Night Owl Service route, providing continuous service to individuals who travel during off-peak hours, such as late nights and early mornings, the SEPTA Trolley Route 36 Bus Schedule. Trolley Route 36 SEPTA … Ler mais

SEPTA Trolley Route 34 Schedule

SEPTA Trolley Route 34 Schedule, The SEPTA Trolley Route 34 connects West Philadelphia with Center City via Market Street, South 36th Street, and Baltimore Avenue. This trolley line is a popular choice for commuters and students, offering a direct and enjoyable transit option along some of Philadelphia’s most vibrant corridors, the SEPTA Trolley Route 34 … Ler mais

SEPTA Trolley Route 13 Schedule

SEPTA Trolley Route 13 Schedule, Operating as a Night Owl Service route, the SEPTA Trolley Route 13 serves West Philadelphia from Center City via Market Street, South 36th Street, Chester Avenue, and Kingsessing Avenue. This service ensures that residents can rely on public transportation regardless of the time, maintaining access to the city’s various neighborhoods … Ler mais

SEPTA Trolley Route 11 Schedule

SEPTA Trolley Route 11 Schedule, The SEPTA Trolley Route 11 runs from Center City to Elwyn via Market Street, South 36th Street, Woodland Avenue, and Main Street, serving West Philadelphia. This route provides essential connectivity for those looking to travel between the city center and the western suburbs, the SEPTA Trolley Route 11 Bus Schedule. … Ler mais

SEPTA Trolley Routes 10 Schedule

SEPTA Trolley Routes 10 Schedule, SEPTA’s trolley routes, including Routes 10 serve various sections of West and Southwest Philadelphia, providing essential connectivity from Center City to residential neighborhoods. These trolleys offer a unique and historic mode of transportation, enabling easy access to the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and the vibrant communities along their paths, … Ler mais

SEPTA Wilmington/Newark Line Schedule

SEPTA Wilmington/Newark Line Schedule, The Wilmington/Newark Line offers a vital connection between Newark and Wilmington, DE, with Temple University via Chester, Sharon Hill, Darby, University City, and Center City. This service is essential for Delaware residents working or studying in Philadelphia, providing a reliable link to the city’s vast transit system, the SEPTA Wilmington Newark … Ler mais