Route W: Sun Prairie Loop

Route W: Sun Prairie Loop, The Sun Prairie Loop, Route W, stands out as a circulatory service that epitomizes efficient local transit. Designed to serve the Sun Prairie area comprehensively, this route facilitates easy access to major points like the Sun Prairie Park and Ride, ensuring residents can navigate their community with ease. Whether you’re heading to work, school, or shopping, Route W is your reliable companion for all local Sun Prairie travels, embodying the essence of community-centric transportation.

Weekday Loop From Route
Sun Prairie
Park & Ride
Bird & Windsor
Oโ€™Keefe & Linnerud
Sun Prairie
Park & Ride
Becomes Route
GA 06:20 06:29 06:35 06:44 A
A Runs Every 30 Minutes Between 06:20am & 06:50pm A
A 06:50 06:59 07:05 07:14 GA

Madison Bus Routes
Madison Bus Routes

Route W Text Description
Sun Prairie loop service starting at the Sun Prairie Park and Ride via Reiner, Grand, Main, Highway 151, Windsor, Bird, Main, and Oโ€™Keeffe.

Route W (One-way loop)
Starts at Sun Prairie Park and Ride
Right on Oโ€™keefe
Left on Reiner
To Grand
Right on Main
Left on Hwy 151 Northbound
Exit 102 Right to Windsor
Right on Bird
Right on Main
Left on Oโ€™Keeffe
Left on Cremer
Left into Sun prairie Park and Ride
Ends at Sun Prairie Park and Ride