55N Bus Schedule 55th/Narragansett

CTA 55N Bus Schedule 55th/Narragansett The 55N 55th/Narragansett bus connects key points along 55th Street, enhancing local travel options. Within this post, passengers will find everything needed for informed travel planning, including thorough schedules, route maps, and up-to-the-minute alerts, facilitating easy access to the city’s southwest side.

55N Bus Schedule 55th/Narragansett

Chicago Transit Authority, listed Bus Stops for Route 55N

Stop ID#, Stop name, Direction of travel, from the stop, Location, Special notes.

4550, 55th Street & Austin, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
4555, 55th Street & Austin, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
17112, 55th Street & Central, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
4582, 55th Street & Central, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
4542, 55th Street & Cicero, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
4587, 55th Street & Cicero, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
17110, 55th Street & Laramie, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
15196, 55th Street & Laramie, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
17111, 55th Street & Linder, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
4583, 55th Street & Linder, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
4544, 55th Street & Lockwood, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
4585, 55th Street & Lockwood, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
4545, 55th Street & Long, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
4584, 55th Street & Long, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
4549, 55th Street & Mayfield, Westbound, Northside of the Street.
4580, 55th Street & Mayfield, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
4551, 55th Street & Meade, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
4554, 55th Street & Meade, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
4548, 55th Street & Menard, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
4581, 55th Street & Menard, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
17586, 55th Street & Merrimac, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
4553, 55th Street & Merrimac, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
14121, Midway Orange Line Station, Southwestbound, Bus Terminal.
4666, Narragansett & 55th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4667, Narragansett & 55th Street, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
4668, Narragansett & 56th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4665, Narragansett & 56th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4664, Narragansett & 57th Street, Northbound, Eastside of the Street.
4669, Narragansett & 57th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4670, Narragansett & 58th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4663, Narragansett & 58th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4671, Narragansett & 59th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4662, Narragansett & 59th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4672, Narragansett & 60th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4661, Narragansett & 60th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4673, Narragansett & 61st Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4660, Narragansett & 61st Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4674, Narragansett & 62nd Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4659, Narragansett & 62nd Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
3300, Narragansett & 63rd Place Terminal, Eastbound, Bus Terminal.
4658, Narragansett & 63rd Street, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
3299, Narragansett & 63rd Street, Southbound, Southwest Corner.