55A Bus Schedule 55th/Austin

CTA 55A Bus Schedule 55th/Austin Serving the southwest neighborhoods, the 55A 55th/Austin bus route offers reliable access to residential areas and local amenities. This dedicated post includes detailed schedules, maps, and the latest service alerts, providing a comprehensive guide for those traveling to or from the Austin neighborhood.

55A Bus Schedule 55th/Austin

Chicago Transit Authority, listed Bus Stops for Route 55A

Stop ID#, Stop name, Direction of travel, from the stop, Location, Special notes.

17112, 55th Street & Central, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
4582, 55th Street & Central, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
4542, 55th Street & Cicero, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
4587, 55th Street & Cicero, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
17110, 55th Street & Laramie, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
15196, 55th Street & Laramie, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
17111, 55th Street & Linder, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
4583, 55th Street & Linder, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
4544, 55th Street & Lockwood, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
4585, 55th Street & Lockwood, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
4545, 55th Street & Long, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
4584, 55th Street & Long, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
4549, 55th Street & Mayfield, Westbound, Northside of the Street.
4580, 55th Street & Mayfield, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
4548, 55th Street & Menard, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
4581, 55th Street & Menard, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
4561, 5920 S Austin, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4574, 5920 S Austin, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4579, Austin & 55th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4556, Austin & 55th Street, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
4557, Austin & 56th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4578, Austin & 56th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4559, Austin & 58th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4576, Austin & 58th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4560, Austin & 59th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4575, Austin & 59th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4562, Austin & 60th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4573, Austin & 60th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4572, Austin & 61st Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4564, Austin & 62nd Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4571, Austin & 62nd Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4565, Austin & 63rd Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4570, Austin & 63rd Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4569, Austin & 64th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4568, Austin & 65th Street, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
4566, Meade & 63rd Street, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
18382, Meade & 64th Place, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
14121, Midway Orange Line Station, Southwestbound, Bus Terminal.