171 Bus Schedule U. of Chicago/Hyde Park

CTA 171 Bus Schedule U. of Chicago/Hyde Park The 171 U. of Chicago/Hyde Park bus enhances connectivity within the University of Chicago campus and the surrounding Hyde Park neighborhood, facilitating access to educational institutions, cultural attractions, and residential areas. This comprehensive guide offers up-to-date schedules, detailed route maps, and current alerts, supporting the vibrant academic and local community in their daily activities and explorations.

171 Bus Schedule U. of Chicago/Hyde Park

Chicago Transit Authority, listed Bus Stops for Route 171

Stop ID#, Stop name, Direction of travel, from the stop, Location, Special notes.

17057, 1111 East 60th Street, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
10569, 55th Street & Dorchester, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
10561, 55th Street & Dorchester, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
10566, 55th Street & Hyde Park Blvd, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
10570, 55th Street & Kenwood, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
17563, 55th Street & Kenwood, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
10567, 55th Street & Lake Park, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
10563, 55th Street & Lake Park, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
10572, 55th Street & Woodlawn, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
15752, 55th Street & Woodlawn, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
18012, 5800 S Ellis, Southbound, Westside of the Street.
13197, 59th Street & Kimbark, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
14019, 60th Street & Ellis, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
17902, 60th Street & Kenwood, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
14020, 60th Street & University, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
15433, 60th Street & Woodlawn, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
17423, Dorchester & 60th Street, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
14033, Ellis & 55th Street, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
14034, Ellis & 57th Street, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
17846, Ellis & Midway Plaisance, Southbound, Westside of the Street.
1521, S Hyde Park & 53rd Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
1520, S Hyde Park & 54th Street, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
1518, S Hyde Park & 55th Street, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
15919, Shoreland Dorm, Southbound, Westside of the Street.
15816, University & 55th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
16036, University & 57th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.