169 Bus Schedule 69th/UPS Express

CTA 169 Bus Schedule 69th/UPS Express Designed specifically for UPS employees and those needing direct access to the UPS facility, the 169 69th/UPS Express bus route offers targeted service during shift changes. This post includes detailed schedules, route maps, and timely updates, providing a dedicated transit solution for one of the area’s largest employers, ensuring workers have reliable and convenient transportation options.

169 Bus Schedule 69th/UPS Express

Chicago Transit Authority, listed Bus Stops for Route 169

Stop ID#, Stop name, Direction of travel, from the stop, Location, Special notes.

8629, 69th Street & State (Red Line), Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
10088, 69th Street & Wentworth, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
10176, 69th Street & Wentworth, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
2661, 79th Street & Ashland, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
2754, 79th Street & Ashland, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
2698, 79th Street & Cicero, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
2716, 79th Street & Cicero, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
2679, 79th Street & Kedzie, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
2737, 79th Street & Kedzie, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
2689, 79th Street & Pulaski, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
2728, 79th Street & Pulaski, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
2670, 79th Street & Western, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
8630, 79th Street & Western, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
5875, Halsted & 69th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
14496, Halsted & 69th Street, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
17510, Halsted & 79th Street, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
5864, Halsted & 79th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
8627, Ups Facility Stop 1, Northeastbound, Bus Terminal.
8628, Ups Facility Stop 2, Northeastbound, Bus Terminal.