125 Bus Schedule Water Tower Express

CTA 125 Bus Schedule Water Tower Express The 125 Water Tower Express bus route offers expedited service from downtown Chicago to the iconic Water Tower Place, making it a preferred choice for shoppers and those visiting the Magnificent Mile. This post is designed to aid your trip with detailed express schedules, route maps highlighting the fastest paths, and up-to-the-minute alerts, ensuring a swift and enjoyable journey to one of the city’s key retail and cultural destinations.

125 Bus Schedule Water Tower Express

Chicago Transit Authority, listed Bus Stops for Route 125

Stop ID#, Stop name, Direction of travel, from the stop, Location, Special notes.

5009, Canal & Adams, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
14210, Canal & Harrison, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
5027, Canal & Madison, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
5028, Canal & Randolph, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
6351, Canal & Van Buren, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
5019, Chestnut & Mies Van Der Rohe, Westbound, Northside of the Street.
18125, Clinton & Madison, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
4992, Clinton & Quincy, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
5023, Clinton & Washington, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
13155, Desplaines & Harrison Terminal, Southbound, Bus Terminal, Special variations, please check schedule
17995, Harrison & Jefferson, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
1126, Michigan & Chicago, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
1100, Michigan & Erie, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
1125, Michigan & Huron, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
1124, Michigan & Ontario, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
1098, Michigan & Pearson, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
14488, Michigan & Superior, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
18224, Mies Van Der Rohe & Pearson, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
15109, Ohio & State, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
15108, Ontario & State, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
13198, Ontario & Wabash, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
14762, Orleans & Grand, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
4627, Orleans & Hubbard, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
4626, Orleans & Merchandise Mart, Northwestbound, Eastside of the Street.
86, Van Buren & Jefferson, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
15049, Wacker & Randolph, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
3946, Wacker (Upper) & Lake, Northeastbound, Southeast Corner.
15009, Wacker (Upper) & Orleans/Franklin, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
5020, Wells & Grand, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
5021, Wells & Hubbard, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
4628, Wells & Merchandise Mart, Southbound, Westside of the Street.