124 Bus Schedule Navy Pier

CTA 124 Bus Schedule Navy Pier Linking Chicago’s central business district with the iconic Navy Pier, the 124 Navy Pier bus serves as a key route for tourists and residents seeking leisure and entertainment. This post provides all the necessary details for a pleasant journey, including current schedules, detailed maps, and updates, ensuring easy access to one of the city’s premier attractions.

124 Bus Schedule Navy Pier

Chicago Transit Authority, listed Bus Stops for Route 124

Stop ID#, Stop name, Direction of travel, from the stop, Location, Special notes.

5027, Canal & Madison, Northbound, Northeast Corner.
18125, Clinton & Madison, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
5513, Columbus & Illinois, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
5511, Columbus & Illinois, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
5514, Columbus & North Water, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
5510, Columbus & North Water, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
5509, Columbus (Mid) & E. Wacker, Northbound, Eastside of the Street.
5515, Columbus (mid) & E. Wacker, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
589, Grand & McClurg, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
760, Grand & Peshtigo, Westbound, Northside of the Street.
759, Grand & Streeter, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
756, Illinois & Lake Shore, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
754, Illinois & McClurg, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
755, Illinois & Peshtigo, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
5006, Madison & Canal, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
18126, Madison & Dearborn/State, Westbound, Northside of the Street.
18124, Madison & Franklin, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
18123, Madison & LaSalle, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
450, Madison & Wabash, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
1106, Michigan & Washington, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
14161, Navy Pier Terminal, Northbound, Bus Terminal.
14482, Randolph & Michigan, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
18252, Union Station Transit Center, Eastbound, Bus Terminal.
18122, Washington & Clark/Dearborn, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
445, Washington & Franklin, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
446, Washington & Lasalle, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
448, Washington & State, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.