The Bus W3 Bus Schedule

The Bus W3 Bus Schedule, The Bus Hea W3 stands as a vital connector within Honolulu’s extensive transit network, facilitating easy access to major districts and attractions. This bus schedule is crafted to aid passengers in planning their journeys effectively, featuring comprehensive travel details such as timings, ticket prices, and stop locations. For those seeking a reliable travel partner, the W3 offers a seamless solution to city navigation.

The Bus W3 Bus Schedule

Thebus W3 Bus Schedule

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The W3 Bus Schedule
The W3 Bus Schedule

Route W3 The Bus

Route Bus W3, Route Bus W3
Monday – Sunday and State Holiday Regular Routes
Eastbound: Kalihi Transit Center to Monsarrat/Kalakaua
Beginning at the Kalihi Transit Center, TheBus exits onto Middle Street, engaging in express service along Middle and School streets before merging onto H-1 EAST. After exiting at Punahou, it makes a series of turns onto Beretania, Kalakaua, and then Ala Moana Blvd. Once in Waikiki, local service resumes, traversing Kalia, Saratoga, Kalaimoku, and Kuhio, before turning onto Kapahulu and finally onto Monsarrat.
Westbound: Ala Moana Blvd/Hobron to Kalihi Transit Center
Starting from Ala Moana Blvd near Hobron, TheBus serves Waikiki with local stops along Kalia, Saratoga, Kalaimoku, and Kuhio. After Kapahulu, it enters express mode back to Kalihi, via H-1 WEST and School Street, concluding the journey at the Kalihi Transit Center.
Destination Signs
Eastbound: To Waikiki: W3 WAIKIKI
Westbound: To Kalihi Transit Center: W3 KALIHI VIA SCHOOL STREET