The Bus PH2 Bus Schedule

The Bus PH2 Bus Schedule, Navigate through Honolulu with ease on The Bus Hea PH2, your reliable route for comprehensive city coverage. This bus schedule is tailored for those who need precise timing and fare details to plan their daily commute or city exploration efficiently. By emphasizing key stops and route information, passengers can confidently travel to their destinations, knowing they have all the necessary details for a hassle-free journey.

The Bus PH2 Bus Schedule

Thebus PH2 Bus Schedule

Route PH2 – MILILANI TOWN – PEARL HARBOR EXPRESS                           Effective 12/3/23
A.M. WEEKDAY:  To Pearl Harbor
A.M. Destination Sign:
J M O M a b d e f
Mililani Mililani Mililani Mililani Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor Hickam Hickam
Park Meheula Pkwy Lanikuhana Meheula Pkwy Kam Hwy Arizona Safeguard Fox O’Malley
& Ride Kuahelani Kamaio Kuahelani Salt Lake Halawa Gate Club 15th Main Gate
(#1620) (#1608) (#3406) (#1618) (#695) (#4498) (#3362) (#962) (#976)
505a 508a 521a 531a 547a 553a 558a 609a 612a
Route PH2 – MILILANI TOWN – PEARL HARBOR EXPRESS                           Effective 12/3/23
P.M. WEEKDAY:  To Mililani
P.M. Destination Sign:
c d e f J M O M
Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor Hickam Hickam Mililani Mililani Mililani Mililani
Neches Safeguard Fox O’Malley Park Meheula Pkwy Lanikuhana Meheula Pkwy
North Club 15th Main Gate & Ride Kuahelani Kamaio Kuahelani
(#4499) (#3362) (#962) (#976) (#1620) (#1608) (#3409) (#1618)
310p 313p 324p 327p 358p 402p 411p 423p
NOTE:  Service on Route PH2 does not operate on New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth National Independence Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Discoverers’ Day, Veterans’ Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and during emergency military base closures.
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.

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The PH2 Bus Schedule
The Bus Schedule PH2

Route PH2 The Bus

Route Bus PH2, Route PH2: Pearl Harbor 2
Monday – Friday and State Holiday Regular Routes
Eastbound: Ukuwai/Makaikai to O’Malley/Main Gate
From Mililani Park & Ride, TheBus heads on Ukuwai, turns right at Ainamakua and Meheula Pkwy, and takes various local roads before joining H-2 SOUTH. On H-1 EAST, it exits towards Aiea/Honolulu, continues on Moanalua Rd, and turns onto Kamehameha Hwy, with a stop before turning right at Arizona towards Pearl Harbor’s Halawa Gate. It provides local service within Hickam, exiting at O’Malley Main Gate.
Westbound: Arizona/Halawa Gate to Meheula/Kuahelani
After providing local service within Pearl Harbor, TheBus exits at O’Malley Main Gate, transitions to express service via H-1 WEST to H-2 NORTH, exiting towards Mililani Mauka, and returns to local service at Meheula Pkwy, concluding the route at the Mililani Park & Ride.
Destination Signs
Eastbound: To Pearl Harbor: PH2 EXPRESS PEARL HARBOR
Westbound: To Mililani: PH2 EXPRESS MILILANI