The Bus 96 Bus Schedule

The Bus 96 Bus Schedule, The Bus Hea 96 serves as a crucial conduit for Honolulu, offering a direct route that weaves through the city’s commercial districts and residential areas. This line is renowned for its punctuality and comprehensive service details, including updated schedules, fare information, and strategic stop placements, ensuring passengers have a smooth and hassle-free commute. The 96 route embodies the city’s commitment to a seamless public transit system, making it an indispensable part of daily life for many residents and visitors.

The Bus 96 Bus Schedule

Thebus 96 Bus Schedule

ROUTE 96 – WAIPIO GENTRY EXPRESS           Effective 8/21/22
A.M. STATE HOLIDAY:  To Downtown Honolulu
A.M. Destination Sign:  96 EXPRESS DOWNTOWN
S T g i h
Waipio Uka Kamehameha Vineyard Alapai Beretania
Ukee Waipio Uka Palama King Punchbowl
(#4604) (#1693) (#740) (#181) (#45)
545a 552a 617a 627a 628a
ROUTE 96 – WAIPIO GENTRY EXPRESS           Effective 8/21/22
P.M. STATE HOLIDAY:  To Waipio Gentry
P.M. Destination Sign:  96 EXPRESS WAIPIO GENTRY
i h g V S T
Alapai Beretania Vineyard Kamehameha Waipio Uka Kamehameha
Tranist Center Punchbowl Palama Lumiauau Ukee Waipio Uka
(#2288) (#737) (#739) (#1622) (#4604) (#1693)
510p 513p 522p 543p 545p 552p
Schedule subject to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.

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The 96 Bus Schedule
The Bus Schedule 96

Route 96 The Bus

Route Bus 96, Route Bus 96
Regular Routes
EASTBOUND: Waipio Uka/Ukee to Beretania/Punchbowl—
TheBus operates regular “LOCAL” service from Ukee/Waipio Uka to Kamehameha/Lumiauau via Ukee, right onto Ka Uka, left onto Kamehameha, on-ramp onto H-1 EAST, right at EXIT 20B “VINEYARD BLVD,” onto Vineyard, operates regular “LOCAL” service via right onto Liliha, left onto King, left onto Alapai, and left onto Beretania to Punchbowl.
WESTBOUND: Alapai Transit Center to Kamehameha/Waipio Uka—
After servicing the designated bus bay, TheBus will exit Alapai Transit Center via right onto Alapai, operates regular “LOCAL” service via left onto Beretania (service Eternal Flame bus stop), right onto King, right onto Liliha, left onto Vineyard, onto H-1 WEST, operates “EXPRESS” service via H-1 WEST, takes “AIRPORT/PEARL HARBOR” EXIT, continues along H-1 WEST, takes EXIT 8B “WAIPAHU,” onto Kamehameha, operates regular “LOCAL” service via Kamehameha, right onto Waipio Uka, left onto Ukee, right onto Ka Uka, right onto Waipio Uka, left onto Kamehameha.
Destination Signs
To Beretania/Punchbowl: 96 EXPRESS DOWNTOWN