The Bus 91A Bus Schedule

The Bus 91A Bus Schedule, Tailored to serve specific areas with precision, The Bus Hea 91A provides focused service that addresses the direct travel needs of its passengers. This route boasts detailed travel information, including precise bus timings, ticket pricing, and strategic stop locations, making it a preferred choice for those seeking punctuality and convenience in their transit experience. The 91A route highlights Honolulu’s dedication to offering specialized and reliable transportation solutions across the city.

The Bus 91A Bus Schedule

Thebus 91A Bus Schedule

ROUTE 91A EWA GENTRY EXPRESS      Effective 12/3/23
A.M. WEEKDAY:  To Downtown
A.M. Destination Sign:  91A EXPRESS DOWNTOWN
Kolowaka Geiger Ft Weaver Ft Weaver Vineyard Alapai Beretania
Ft Weaver Launahele Kolowaka Laulaunui Palama King Punchbowl
(#4393) (#1772) (#1097) (#1101) (#740) (#181) (#45)
455a 506a 513a 521a 547a 559a 601a
520a 533a 540a 550a 618a 630a 632a
545a 556a 609a 619a 651a 705a 707a
605a 616a 626a 637a 709a 724a 726a
ROUTE 91A EWA GENTRY EXPRESS      Effective 12/3/23
P.M. WEEKDAY:   To Ewa Gentry
P.M. Destination Sign:  91A EXPRESS EWA GENTRY
Alapai Beretania Vineyard Hawaii Kolowaka Geiger Ft Weaver
Transit Center Punchbowl Palama Medical Center Ft Weaver Launahele Kolowaka
(#2288) (#737) (#739) (#1067) (#4385) (#1803) (#1097)
420p 424p 435p 515p 523p 529p 539p
450p 454p 506p 542p 549p 555p 605p
520p 524p 536p 610p 617p 623p 633p
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.

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The 91A Bus Schedule
The Bus Schedule 91A

Route 91A The Bus

Route Bus 91A, Route Bus 91A
Regular Routes
EASTBOUND: Kolowaka/Fort Weaver to Beretania/Punchbowl —
TheBus operates regular “LOCAL” service from Kolowaka/Fort Weaver, continuing on Kolowaka, turning right onto Keaunui, crossing over Iroquois Rd. while continuing on Keaunui, then turning right onto Fort Weaver Rd. It turns left onto Geiger, right onto Kapolei Parkway, right onto Kolowaka, left onto Fort Weaver onto Kunia, and takes the on-ramp to H-1 EAST. Continuing, it exits right at EXIT 20B “VINEYARD BLVD,” operates regular “LOCAL” service via Vineyard, turns right onto Liliha, left onto King, left onto Alapai, and finally left onto Beretania to Punchbowl.
WESTBOUND: Alapai Transit Center to Kolowaka/Fort Weaver Rd—
After servicing the designated bus bay, TheBus exits Alapai Transit Center via right onto Alapai, operates regular “LOCAL” service via left onto Beretania (servicing the Eternal Flame bus stop), right onto King, right onto Liliha, and left onto Vineyard. It then proceeds onto H-1 WEST, takes the “AIRPORT/PEARL HARBOR” EXIT, continues along H-1 WEST, takes EXIT 5A “EWA,” turns right onto Kunia, and then onto Fort Weaver. It operates regular “LOCAL” service from Fort Weaver/Laulaunui via Fort Weaver, turning right onto Kolowaka, left onto Kapolei Parkway, left onto Geiger, right onto Fort Weaver, left onto Keaunui, continuing on Keaunui crossing over Iroquois, left onto Kolowaka to Fort Weaver Rd.
Destination Signs
To Beretania/Punchbowl: 91A EXPRESS DOWNTOWN