The Bus 89 Bus Schedule

The Bus 89 Bus Schedule, The Bus Hea 89 is a cornerstone of Honolulu’s transportation network, providing essential connections across the city. This route is equipped with all the necessary travel information, ensuring passengers can easily plan their journeys with details on schedules, ticket prices, and strategic boarding points. The 89 route exemplifies the city’s approach to public transportation, focusing on accessibility, reliability, and efficiency for a wide range of travel needs.

The Bus 89 Bus Schedule

Thebus 89 Bus Schedule

ROUTE 89 WAIMANALO – KAILUA EXPRESS       Effective 12/3/23
A.M. WEEKDAY:  To Downtown Honolulu
A.M. Destination Sign:  89 DOWNTOWN EXPRESS
S T U W X a g e
Kalanianaole Nalu Nakini Kalanianaole Hwy Kalanianaole Hwy Pali Alapai Beretania
Nakini Ala Koa Ala Koa Olomana Golf Course Kailua Vineyard King Punchbowl
(#1160) (#1223) (#4335) (#1252) (#1276) (#1279) (#181) (#45)
540a 542a 546a 556a 601a 621a 631a 633a
618a 620a 624a 634a 642a 707a 720a 722a
ROUTE 89 WAIMANALO – KAILUA EXPRESS       Effective 12/3/23
P.M. WEEKDAY:  To Waimanalo
P.M. Destination Sign:  89 WAIMANALO EXPRESS
f e b a Y X V S
Alapai Beretania Bishop Pali Pali Hwy Kalanianaole Hwy Nakini Kalanianaole
Transit Ctr Punchbowl Hotel Vineyard Kamehameha Hwy Kailua Ilauhole Nakini
(#2288) (#737) (#834) (#1116) (#1118) (#1120) (#4586) (#1236)
405p 409p 411p 422p 437p 446p 503p 508p
445p 449p 451p 503p 518p 525p 541p 545p
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.

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The 89 Bus Schedule
The Bus Schedule 89

Route 89 The Bus

Route Bus 89, Route Bus 89
Regular Routes
EASTBOUND: Kalanianaole/Nakini to Beretania/Punchbowl
TheBus operates regular “LOCAL” service from Kalaninaole/Nakini, turning right onto Nalu, left onto Huli, right onto Nakini, and left onto Kalanianaole. At Kailua Junction (Castle Medical Center), it continues left on Kalanianaole to Pali Hwy/Kamehameha Hwy (Castle Junction). It then provides EXPRESS service via Pali Hwy to Pali Hwy/Vineyard, beginning regular “LOCAL” service onto Bishop, left onto Queen, left onto South, onto Alapai, and left onto Beretania.
WESTBOUND: Alapai Transit Center to Nalu/Ala Koa
From Alapai Transit Center Diamond Head layover area, TheBus proceeds through the parking structure, left along mauka border driveway to the designated bus bay, continues along mauka border driveway, turns right onto Alapai, left onto Beretania (must pull in to service Eternal Flame bus stop), left onto Bishop, left onto Queen, left onto Alakea, onto Queen Emma, left onto Kukui, right onto Pali Hwy. At Pali Hwy/Kamehameha Hwy (Castle Junction), it begins regular “LOCAL” service, onto Kalanianaole. At Kailua Junction (opposite Castle Medical Center), it continues right on Kalanianaole, right onto Nakini, left onto Huli, and right onto Nalu.
Destination Signs
To Beretania/Punchbowl: 89 DOWNTOWN EXPRESS