The Bus 88 Bus Schedule

The Bus 88 Bus Schedule, The Bus Hea 88 route offers an efficient way to traverse Honolulu, connecting different neighborhoods with major commercial and leisure destinations. This service ensures passengers have access to essential travel details, such as precise schedules, fare rates, and convenient stop placements, making urban travel effortless. The 88 route stands out for its reliability and accessibility, embodying Honolulu’s efforts to provide a high-quality public transit system.

The Bus 88 Bus Schedule

Thebus 88 Bus Schedule

ROUTE 88 KAHALUU – AHUIMANU EXPRESS       Effective 12/3/23
A.M. STATE HOLIDAY:  To Downtown Honolulu
A.M. Destination Sign:  88 DOWNTOWN EXPRESS
A B Z a g e
Kahekili Hui Iwa School Street Pali Hwy Alapai Beretania
Ahuimanu Kahekili Hwy Likelike Hwy Vineyard King Punchbowl
(#4533) (#1733) (#1603) (#1279) (#181) (#45)
605a 614a 639a 646a 653a 655a
ROUTE 88 KAHALUU – AHUIMANU EXPRESS       Effective 12/3/23
P.M. STATE HOLIDAY:   To Kahaluu
P.M. Destination Sign:  88 AHUIMANU EXPRESS
f e d Z B C
Alapai Beretania Alakea School Street Hui Iwa Hui Iwa
Tranist Center Punchbowl Hotel Likelike Hwy Kahekili Hwy Kahekili Hwy
(#2288) (#737) (#744) (#1589) (#1593) (#1733)
439p 442p 450p 502p 525p 537p
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.

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The 88 Bus Schedule
The Bus Schedule 88

Route 88 The Bus

Route Bus 88, Route Bus 88
Regular Routes
EASTBOUND: Ahuimanu Rd/Kahekili to Beretania/Punchbowl—
TheBus operates regular “LOCAL” service through Kaneohe starting from Ahuimanu Rd. It turns left onto Ahuimanu Pl, then right onto Hui Ulili, followed by a left onto Hui Iwa. Crossing Kahekili, it continues on Hui Iwa, turns left onto Kahekili, and then right onto Likelike Hwy. Shifting to “EXPRESS” service via Likelike Hwy (with a stop at Likelike/School), it takes the on-ramp to H-1 EAST, and exits at EXIT 21A “PALI HWY”. Turning right onto Pali Highway, it resumes regular “LOCAL” service via Pali, Bishop, left onto Queen Street, left onto South Street, and onto Alapai Street, ending at Beretania Street.
WESTBOUND: Alapai Transit Center to Hui Iwa/Kahekili—
After serving the designated bus bay, TheBus exits Alapai Transit Center, turning right onto Alapai, then operates regular “LOCAL” service via left onto Beretania (making a stop at the Eternal Flame bus stop), left onto Bishop Street, left onto Queen Street, and left onto Alakea Street until Alakea/Hotel. Transitioning to “EXPRESS” service via Alakea and Queen Emma, it proceeds left onto Vineyard Blvd, takes the on-ramp to H-1, and exits at EXIT 20A “LIKELIKE HWY”. Continuing on Likelike Hwy (with a stop at Likelike/School), it turns left onto Kahekili, operates regular “LOCAL” service through Kaneohe via Kahekili, turns right onto Hui Iwa (opposite Valley of the Temples), travels counter-clockwise along Hui Iwa, right onto Kahekili, left onto Ahuimanu Rd, left onto Ahuimanu Pl, right onto Hui Ulili, and finally left onto Hui Iwa.
Destination Signs
To Beretania/Punchbowl: 88 EXPRESS DOWNTOWN