SDMTS 978 Bus Schedule Torrey Pines

SDMTS 978 Bus Schedule Torrey Pines, see the bus route on the map and plan your trip in the San Diego community, find out in real time which bus is closest to you.

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SDMTS Bus Schedule
SDMTS Bus Schedule

SDMTS 978 Bus Schedule

978 Bus Schedule SDMTS Torrey Pines travel route map.

Bus Schedule SDMTS 978 Torrey Pines

Route 978 – Monday through Friday / lunes a viernes

Torrey Pines -> Sorrento Valley COASTER Station

Sorrento Valley COASTER Station DEPART* 6:30a 7:10a 7:50a 8:19a β€” 4:10p 5:07p 6:06p
46 10350 Science Center Drive 6:36 7:16 7:56 8:25 3:38p 4:16 5:15 6:16
52 Torreyana Rd. & Callan Road (before turn) 6:43 7:23 8:02 8:32 3:45 4:23 5:22 6:23
54 10666 North Torrey Pines Road 6:46 7:26 8:05 8:35 3:48 4:26 5:25 6:26
Sorrento Valley COASTER Station ARRIVE 7:04 7:42 8:19 β€” 3:57 4:37 4:58p 5:37 5:57p 6:37

The SDMTS 978 Bus Route, Sdmts has more than a thousand vehicles in operation, transporting people who depend on traffic to reach their destinations.

Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) was created in 1975, its main objective is to be the transit authority of San Diego, determining the bus schedule and the route with bus stops.

The SDMTS contact telephone number to assist customers is: 619.557.4655