MIAMI DADE 297 27th Avenue Orange MAX BUS

MIAMI DADE 297 27th Avenue Orange MAX BUS

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MIAMI BUS 297 27th Avenue Orange MAX DADA TRANSIT

Miami Dada Transit

SUNDAY SERVICE only on days the Miami Dolphins have a home game. WEEKDAY SERVICE ONLY. NW 27 Avenue, Miami International Airport (MIA) Metrorail station, Martin Luther King Jr. Metrorail station, Brownsville Transit Village, Brownsville Metrorail station, Miami Dade College North, City of Opa-locka, City of Miami Gardens, Dolphin Stadium, NW 27 Avenue/211 Street (northbound and southbound), NW 37 Avenue/211 Street

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miami dade govMIAMI DADA EASY card

The EASY card is a rechargeable tariff card.
Fareboxes with “smart card” technology are installed on buses and gates at all Metrorail stations. It is Miami-Dade Transit’s automated fare collection system.


EASY Card Products, from the purchase of a pass, to the collection of money, registering for protection of balance, for the payment of long-term parking.
All you need to keep shipping Metrorail and Metrobus with minimum noise.

MIAMI DADA Discount Fare Products

miamidade.govDiscount rate products and management of your online account, such as a discount card holder, including the K-12 program, now you can enjoy the convenience of buying passes, adding value in cash.

MIAMI-DADA Special Pass Products

Patriot Passport Special Passport or Special Transportation Service EASY Card to pay for parking at Metrorail stations, add cash value to your Golden Passport.

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