LA Metro 244/245 Woodland Hills to Chatsworth De Soto Ave

LA Metro 244/245 (Woodland Hills to Chatsworth via De Soto Ave) Los Angeles. Travel with ease between Woodland Hills and Chatsworth on the LA Metro 244 and 245 buses, navigating the major artery of De Soto Ave. These routes are pivotal for accessing a broad array of services, from commercial districts to recreational parks and community services. The LA Metro 244 and 245 bus schedules, available for review on schedules, provide up-to-date information to assist with your travel planning. Ideal for daily commutes or exploring the valley, the Metro 244 and 245 buses offer dependable and efficient transportation options for a diverse ridership.

LA Metro Bus Schedule 244 Los Angeles

LA Metro Bus Schedule Los Angeles 244

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La Metro Bus Schedule
La Metro Bus Schedule