King County Metro 90 Shuttle Bus Schedule

King County Metro 90 Shuttle Bus Schedule – Specializing in connecting Downtown Seattle, First Hill, and Capitol Hill, the 90 Shuttle Bus is a temporary service that addresses specific transit needs. It ensures vital connectivity within Seattle’s core, supporting residents and visitors in navigating between these densely populated areas with ease.


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Stay Updated on the Special Snow Service with the 90 Bus Schedule

During the winter months, navigating Seattle, First Hill, and Capitol Hill becomes a breeze with Metro’s exceptional response to snow conditions. The introduction of the Special Snow Shuttle Service, known as Route 90, ensures seamless connectivity across these neighborhoods, even when the weather turns frosty. This vital service operates exclusively under snowy conditions, providing a reliable transportation alternative when other routes switch to their snow schedules.

What You Need to Know About Route 90

Unlike regular services, Route 90 is a unique offering that does not have its number displayed on bus stop signs. However, passengers can rest assured that all stops along the shuttle’s route are catered to, assuming the roads are safe for travel. It’s important to note that adverse weather conditions, such as snow and ice accumulation on the streets, may affect stops on inclines. For your safety and convenience, if your usual stop is on a hill, consider waiting at a stop located on flat ground.

Route 90 is designed to run with impressive frequency, setting off every 20 minutes from its starting point at 3rd Avenue at Virginia Street. This schedule is in effect on weekdays only, from the early hours of 5:30 am until late at 11:30 pm, ensuring that you can get to your destination and back without hassle during snowy days.

Maximizing Your Route 90 Experience

To make the most of the Special Snow Shuttle Service, keep the following tips in mind:

Check Real-Time Updates: Winter weather can be unpredictable. Always check real-time updates for the 90 bus schedule before heading out.
Plan for Alternatives: If your stop is on a hill, plan to use a stop on level ground to avoid missed connections.
Stay Informed: Metro may adjust schedules based on road conditions and weather forecasts. Staying informed through official Metro channels can save you time and ensure a smoother journey.
By leveraging the Special Snow Shuttle Service (Route 90), residents of Seattle, First Hill, and Capitol Hill have a dependable option for navigating the city during snowy weather, ensuring that winter conditions don’t disrupt daily commutes. Stay prepared, stay safe, and make Route 90 your go-to choice for winter travel in the city.

King County Metro Bus Schedule
King County Metro Bus Schedule