Bus Schedule 313 Oceanside Transit Center to San Luis Rey

Bus Schedule 313 Oceanside Transit Center to San Luis Rey Transit Center via Mesa Dr.

The 313 bus route offers a vital connection between the Oceanside Transit Center and the San Luis Rey Transit Center, traversing Mesa Dr. Our posts are designed to provide users with detailed information on bus schedules, routes, and real-time updates, catering to the needs of daily commuters and occasional travelers. This line serves important destinations like Oceanside Pier & Beach, Mission San Luis Rey, and various educational institutions, including El Camino High School and Jefferson Middle School. The 313 bus line is an essential service for those who rely on public transportation for their daily activities.

Our commitment is to ensure that passengers have access to the most current and accurate travel information, including live bus tracking. This feature helps users minimize waiting times and plan their journeys effectively, whether they’re heading to work, school, or leisure destinations. The 313 bus line stands out for its reliability and efficiency, providing a crucial link in the NCTD’s network and supporting the mobility needs of the community.


NCTD Bus Schedule 313
NCTD Bus Schedule 313