Austin 640 Bus Schedule Forty Acres

Austin 640 Bus Schedule Forty Acres – These bus routes include the Capital Metro. Most bus routes run through the city center, making it easy for people to get to their destinations.

UT Shuttle routes – frequent circulator service for the University of Texas campus (640, 641 & 642) & routes that connect the campus to residential areas – texas.

Austin 640 Bus Schedule

Capital Metro 640 Bus Schedule Austin Route Forty Acres public transportation.



Clockwise, Weekday

Dean Keeton/san Jacinto 1 7:20a 7:35a 7:50a 8:05a 8:20a 8:35a 8:50a 9:05a 9:20a 9:35a 9:50a 10:05a 10:20a 10:35a 10:50a 11:05a 11:20a 11:35a 11:50a 12:05p 12:20p 12:35p 12:50p 1:05p 1:20p 1:35p 1:50p 2:05p 2:20p 2:35p 2:50p 3:05p 3:20p 3:35p 3:50p 4:05p 4:20p 4:35p 4:50p 5:05p 5:20p 5:35p 5:50p 6:05p 6:20p 6:35p 6:50p 7:05p 7:20p 7:35p 7:50p 8:05p 8:20p 8:35p 8:50p 9:05p 9:20p 9:35p 9:50p 10:05p 10:20p 10:35p 10:50p 11:05p
Guadalupe/west Mall UT 2 7:36a 7:51a 8:06a 8:21a 8:36a 8:51a 9:06a 9:21a 9:36a 9:51a 10:06a 10:21a 10:36a 10:51a 11:06a 11:21a 11:36a 11:51a 12:06p 12:21p 12:36p 12:51p 1:06p 1:21p 1:36p 1:51p 2:06p 2:23p 2:38p 2:53p 3:08p 3:23p 3:38p 3:53p 4:08p 4:23p 4:38p 4:53p 5:08p 5:23p 5:38p 5:53p 6:08p 6:21p 6:36p 6:51p 7:06p 7:21p 7:36p 7:51p 8:06p 8:21p 8:36p 8:51p 9:06p 9:21p 9:36p 9:51p 10:06p 10:21p 10:36p 10:51p 11:06p 11:21p
Dean Keeton/san Jacinto 1 7:41a 7:56a 8:11a 8:26a 8:41a 8:56a 9:11a 9:26a 9:41a 9:56a 10:11a 10:26a 10:41a 10:56a 11:11a 11:26a 11:41a 11:56a 12:11p 12:26p 12:41p 12:56p 1:11p 1:26p 1:41p 1:56p 2:11p 2:28p 2:43p 2:58p 3:13p 3:28p 3:43p 3:58p 4:13p 4:28p 4:43p 4:58p 5:13p 5:28p 5:43p 5:58p 6:13p 6:26p 6:41p 6:56p 7:11p 7:26p 7:41p 7:56p 8:11p 8:26p 8:41p 8:56p 9:11p 9:26p 9:41p 9:56p 10:11p 10:26p 10:41p 10:56p 11:11p 11:26p


Clockwise, Sunday

Dean Keeton/san Jacinto 1 3:00p 3:30p 4:00p 4:30p 5:00p 5:30p 6:00p 6:30p 7:00p 7:30p 8:00p 8:30p 9:00p 9:30p 10:00p 10:30p 11:00p 11:30p
Guadalupe/west Mall UT 2 3:17p 3:47p 4:17p 4:47p 5:17p 5:47p 6:16p 6:46p 7:16p 7:46p 8:16p 8:46p 9:16p 9:46p 10:16p 10:46p 11:16p 11:46p
Dean Keeton/san Jacinto 1 3:22p 3:52p 4:22p 4:52p 5:22p 5:52p 6:21p 6:51p 7:21p 7:51p 8:21p 8:51p 9:21p 9:51p 10:21p 10:51p 11:21p 11:51p

Austin 640 Bus Schedule
Austin 640 Bus Schedule

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Route Austin 640 Bus Schedule Forty Acres – CapMetro.