Austin 142 Bus Schedule Metric Flyer

Austin 142 Bus Schedule Metric Flyer – These bus routes include the Capital Metro. Most bus routes run through the city center, making it easy for people to get to their destinations.

Flyer Routes – limited-stop neighborhood service and between the airport and downtown – texas.

Austin 142 Bus Schedule

Capital Metro 142 Bus Schedule Austin Route Metric Flyer public transportation.



Northbound, Weekday

Riverside/newning 1 4:10p 5:40p

7th/colorado 2 4:21p 5:52p

Rundberg/lamar 3 4:59p 6:24p
Metric/braker 4 5:16p 6:36p
Amherst/eton 5 5:34p 6:50p



Southbound, Weekday

Amhearst/duval 5 6:11a 7:42a

Metric/braker 4 6:32a 8:01a

Rundberg/quail Field 3 6:47a 8:15a
8th/congress 2 7:15a 8:51a
Riverside/congress 1 7:28a 9:04a

Austin 142 Bus Schedule
Austin 142 Bus Schedule

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Route Austin 142 Bus Schedule Metric Flyer – CapMetro.