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Dash Bus Follow the Travel Tips

dashWhen the dash bus arrives, and you are on board, deposit the exact fare, inquire about the route or transfers, look for a free seat. If there is no free seat, position yourself at the bottom of the bus to prevent entry of other people who may be aboard people to board.

the yellow signal strip or pulling the bell wire above the window will be signaled to the driver who arrived at his destination. The bus will stop near the bus stop, please use the rear doors if the others are with people to board.

DASH Services

The Dash company of Alexandria Transit Company offers great transportation services with safe and reliable buses transiting in the city of Alexandria, connected with the Virginia Railway Express, metrorail, metrobus, and various bus systems of the region and locality during peak periods of Night and morning.

The most affordable and pleasant way to travel around Alexandria is with DASH. If you have any questions, please call the service center at 703-746-DASH (3274), the services are available from 07:00 to 19:00. 00 from Monday to Friday.

DASH Rates

dash busDASH has Affordable Rates, an exclusive monthly electronic ticket transfer system called DASH Pass, when boarding has the exact Tarica ready to board the bus.

DASH bus supports full metrobus rate.

A transfer will be automatically added to the card if you pay your fee. They are good on all DASH routes in any direction including round trip on the same route.

To buy and / or recharge DASH pass, go to

DASH Pass is accepted as full DASH fare on local Fairfax Connector buses. However, additional fees may apply.
DASH pass (valid for one month)
US $ 40 – DASH Pass Paper
$ 40 – Electronic DASH Pass on SmarTrip
King Street Trolley

Cash rate
€ 1.60
Children under 4 years old with adult
Only 2 children per paying customer