81X BUS SCHEDULE81X BUS SCHEDULEGO METRO Rt. 81X Mt. Washington Express Below you will see a link to access bus schedules Cincinnati. Here you’ll find all the schedules for the local metro bus schedule trip planner, plus easy steps on how to read a go metro schedule.

Find here all metro schedule in PDF. Just click on the link or the bus image below. 81X BUS SCHEDULE



GO METRO – Find your nearest metro stop to the metro parks or sightseeing venues to start your trip.
Just signal when the bus starts to approach, so the driver understands that you are getting on the bus.
Observe the distance between the curb and the bus, to expedite boarding between always with your fare in hand.

metro bus scheduleWhen the bus approaches your stop, pull firmly the card that is located above to inform the driver you want to leave.
Wait for the bus to stop altogether so you can get off the bus.


Metro Schedule Every day more than 50,000 people travel by subway every day, our tool is very simple
Check out all Metro maps and timetables. You can also search for popular destinations and served communities.

As children under 35 inches travel for free, already for children between 35 3 45 inches magam half terifa bus.


go metroMetroplus – The go metro ACCESS Card is a passport with shared services for cyclists with disabilities.
The go meter FARE DEAL CARD and a half-price fare card for drivers aged 65 years or over.
Students and students of Cincinnati State College.
The UC Metro or Metro Card is a discount card option for students and faculty at the University of Cincinnati.
The go metro XTRA Service Smart Card is a card or pass with options for students at Cincinnati Public School.

Metro Bus Schedule – Please inform the driver to pay your fare that you are traveling in zones or need a transfer. See the map to be sure of your area and your stop.

The fares are paid when leaving the bus on the following routes; Output P.M. Only trips.
3X 14X 23X 29X 30X
42X 52X 71X 74X 75X
81X 82X”


Metro operates on a Sunday / holiday schedule on the following days:
New Year’s Day
Memorial day
Independence Day
Work day
Christmas day

Request your transfer when paying the bus fare. Any route any direction for 120 minutes. Until the time, or until two bus changes.

The Metro Zones operates the service between designated zones, before embarking just ask the driver to check the area you irrate pay fare.

The driver will charge the passenger the Zone Check which is a receipt to pay a higher fare if you leave the bus at your destination, the driver will charge the difference from the starting point to the final point.