52 BUS SCHEDULE GREENMOUNT NORTH – STELLA MARIS – MTA, The MTA is the public transportation system in Baltimore, Maryland. It provides bus service throughout the city Baltimore.

The bus system is very convenient for commuters who need to travel within Baltimore without driving their cars. Most people use the bus system to work, shop and access public services.


MTA Bus Schedule 52 Greenmount North Stella Maris, Baltimore


Weekday – Bus MTA

7:20 AM 10:15 AM 3:15 PM 7:15 PM 11:15 PM Saturday – MTA Bus Schedule

7:14 AM 10:20 AM 3:15 PM 7:14 PM 11:11 PM Sunday – Bus Schedule MTA

7:20 AM 10:18 AM 3:18 PM 7:16 PM 11:15 PM


Weekday – MTA Bus

5:23 AM 6:15 AM 9:10 AM 2:03 PM 6:14 PM 10:25 PM

Saturday – Bus Schedule MTA

6:22 AM 9:22 AM 2:15 PM 6:16 PM 10:20 PM

Sunday – Bus Schedule Time

6:21 AM 9:19 AM 2:18 PM 6:14 PM 10:14 PM

MTA Bus Route

Bus travel direction: Inbound -> Greenmount North
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Bus 52 Routes
Bus stops en route 52 Maryland MTA.

Stella Maris Hospice, Dulaney Valley Rd & Southerly Rd, 714 Dulaney Valley Rd Sb, York Rd & Chesapeake Ave Sb, York Rd & Towsontown Blvd, York Rd & Burke Ave Sb, York Rd & Aigburth Rd Sb, York Rd & Sister Pierre Dr Sb, York Rd & Stevenson Lnsb, York Rd & Regester Ave Sb, York Rd & York Rd Plaza Fs Sb, York Rd & Gittings Ave Sb, York Rd & Lake Ave Sb, York Rd & Northern Pkwy Sb, York Rd & Belvedere Ave Sb, York Rd & Orkney Rd Fs Sb, York Rd & Lortz Ln Sb, York Rd & Bellona Ave Sb, York Rd & Woodbourne Ave Sb, York Rd & Glenwood Ave Fs Sb, York Rd & Notre Dame Ln Sb, York Rd & Winston Ave Sb, York Rd & Radnor Rd Sb, York Rd & Coldspring Lane Sb, York Rd & 43rd St Opp Sb, Greenmount Ave & Rose Hill Ter Opp Sb, Greenmount Ave & 39th St Sb, Greenmount Ave & 36th St Opp Sb, Greenmount Ave & 33rd St Sb, Greenmount Ave & 32nd St Sb, Greenmount Ave & 30th St Sb, Greenmount Ave & 29th St Sb, Greenmount Ave & Whitridge Ave Fs Sb, Greenmount Ave & 25th St Sb, Greenmount Ave & 22nd St Sb, Greenmount Ave & North Ave Sb, Homewood Ave & North Ave Nb, Kirk Ave & 22nd St Nb, Kirk Ave & Curtain St Nb.

Bus travel direction: Outbound -> Stella Maris
Baltimore County Government, VGIN, Esri, HERE, Garmin, SafeGraph, FAO, METI/NASA, USGS, EPA, NPS

Bus 52 Routes
Bus stops en route 52 Maryland MTA.

Kirk Ave & Bartlett St, Kirk Ave & 22nd St Sb, Homewood Ave & North Ave Ns Sb, Greenmount Ave & 22nd St Nb, Greenmount Ave & 25th St Nb, Greenmount Ave & 27th St Nb, Greenmount Ave & Exeter Hall Ave Nb, Greenmount Ave & 30th St Opp Nb, Greenmount Ave & 32nd St Nb, Greenmount Ave & Gorsuch Ave Nb, Greenmount Ave & 35th St Nb, Greenmount Ave & 36th St Nb, Greenmount Ave & 39th St Nb, Greenmount Ave & Rose Hill Ter Nb, York Rd & 43rd St Nb, York Rd & Northway Opp Nb, York Rd & Cold Spring Ln Nb, York Rd & Radnor Ave Opp Nb, York Rd & Winston Ave Fs Nb, York Rd & Beaumont Ave Nb Ns, York Rd & Glenwood Ave Nb, York Rd & Woodbourne Ave Nb, York Rd & Benninghaus Rd Nb, York Rd & Lortz Ln Opp Nb, York Rd & Orkney Rd Nb, York Rd & Belvedere Ave Nb, York Rd & Northern Pkwy Fs Nb, York Rd & Lake Ave Nb, York Rd & Walker Ave Nb, 6401 York Rd Nb, York Rd & Regester Ave Nb, York Rd & Stevenson La Nb, York Rd & Sister Pierre Dr Nb, York Rd & Aigburth Rd Fs Nb, York Rd & Burke Ave Nb, York Rd & Chesapeake Ave Nb, York Rd & Pennsylvania Ave Nb, Dulaney Valley Rd & Macy’s Nb, Dulaney Valley Rd & Southerly Rd Nb, St Vincent’s Villa, Gallagher Center, Stella Maris Hospice.

MTA Routes Schedules
MTA Routes Schedules

The Maryland Transit Administration MTA runs bus that connect neighborhoods with public libraries and schools. Additionally, MTA buses are wheelchair accessible and have bike racks for cyclists traveling on the same routes. You can save money on your MTA bus ride by using bus coupons available at most MTA stations or online at MTA buses provide easy access to transportation for residents of Baltimore-area cities.
52 Bus Schedule Greenmount North Stella Maris, bus schedule near me.