122 Bus Schedule South San Jose to Lockheed Martin/Moffett Industrial Park VTA Schedule find here all information for boarding and VTA Bus Schedule or vta light rail in addition, with all the tips on how to get to your destination. City Sunnyvale

Just below the link to access the Bus Schedule or vta light rail, also access map.

122 Bus Schedule South San Jose to Lockheed Martin/Moffett Industrial Park

122 BUS SCHEDULE South San Jose to Lockheed Martin/Moffett Industrial Park

Transit shows that traffic is one of the safest ways to travel for having a lot of traffic accidents.


VTA SCHEDULEHas the security in transit as fundamental importance, always evaluating all the procedures and procedures of the system, aiming to improve the comity and changes necessary for the population of the city Santa Clara Valley.

In this post you can observe in PDF file format VTA Bus Schedule map, this information is devoted entirely to the people and to the public that seeks information of bus schedules of the city of Santa Clara Valley.

VTAlerts is an application for bus alerts. VTA has developed an alert application for possible bleeds or safety data on your VTA system trip. See below for some of the APP functions.

The buses and light rail vehicles are equipped with an internal and external stop warning system, with stops along the bus routes at points and in the main interactions of their destinations.
The external enunciator announces all routes of the bus, in addition to visual display boards, the vehicles light rail announces visually the names of the destination station and when a stop was requested.

Medical emergency

Concern about safety

Crime in progress

Assault or Struggle

Suspicious activity

Bag or unaccompanied package

Theft or Robbery



The monthly passes are valid for the month purchased, there are 31 day passes. From the 16th of the month monthly passes are now available for purchase.
The passes you buy after the 16th will only be valid for the following month. Observer that the express rates are for express buses.
Always have the valid fare before boarding the light rail.

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