106 Bus Schedule East 103rd

CTA 106 Bus Schedule East 103rd The 106 East 103rd bus ensures seamless connectivity along 103rd Street, stretching from the East Side to key destinations and transit points. This post is packed with essential information for riders, including detailed bus schedules, comprehensive route maps, and the latest service alerts, making it indispensable for those who rely on this east-west corridor for their daily travel needs.

106 Bus Schedule East 103rd

Chicago Transit Authority, listed Bus Stops for Route 106

Stop ID#, Stop name, Direction of travel, from the stop, Location, Special notes.

12279, 1000 E 103rd Street, Westbound, Northside of the Street.
12225, 1001 E 103rd Street, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
12288, 103rd Street & Calumet, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
12216, 103rd Street & Calumet, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
12281, 103rd Street & Corliss, Westbound, Northside of the Street.
12223, 103rd Street & Corliss, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
12282, 103rd Street & Cottage Grove, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
17119, 103rd Street & Cottage Grove, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
12285, 103rd Street & Eberhart, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
12219, 103rd Street & Eberhart, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
12289, 103rd Street & Forest, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
12215, 103rd Street & Forest, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
12291, 103rd Street & Indiana, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
12213, 103rd Street & Indiana, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
12287, 103rd Street & King Drive, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
15158, 103rd Street & King Drive, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
12292, 103rd Street & Michigan, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
12212, 103rd Street & Michigan, Eastbound, Southeast Corner.
12290, 103rd Street & Prairie, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
12214, 103rd Street & Prairie, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
12283, 103rd Street & St. Lawrence, Westbound, Northeast Corner.
12221, 103rd Street & St. Lawrence, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
17747, 103rd Street & Stony Island Garage Terminal, Northwestbound, Bus Terminal.
12227, 103rd Street & Woodlawn, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
12278, 1100 E 103rd Street, Westbound, Northside of the Street.
12226, 1100 E 103rd Street, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
12280, 900 E 103rd Street, Westbound, Northside of the Street.
12224, 900 E 103rd Street, Eastbound, Southside of the Street.
14006, 95th Red Line Station, Northbound, Bus Terminal.
2982, 95th Street & Michigan, Westbound, Northwest Corner.
7619, Michigan & 100th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
15082, Michigan & 100th Street, Southbound, Southwest Corner.
7534, Michigan & 101st Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
7618, Michigan & 101st Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
7535, Michigan & 102nd Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
7617, Michigan & 102nd Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
2816, Michigan & 95th Street, Eastbound, Southwest Corner.
7623, Michigan & 96th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
7529, Michigan & 96th Street, Southbound, Westside of the Street.
7622, Michigan & 97th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
7530, Michigan & 97th Street, Southbound, Westside of the Street.
7531, Michigan & 98th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
7621, Michigan & 98th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
7532, Michigan & 99th Street, Southbound, Northwest Corner.
7620, Michigan & 99th Street, Northbound, Southeast Corner.
7213, Olive-Harvey College, Westbound, Northside of the Street, Special variations, please check schedule
7212, Woodlawn & 103rd Street, Northbound, Eastside of the Street.