193 Bus Schedule NJ Transit Willowbrook – New York

193 Bus Schedule NJ Transit Willowbrook – New York How to get to your destination by traveling by bus to New Jersey Transit, the NJ Transit Train Bus Schedule find here all the information for a trip is safe and quiet.

View maps and schedules of NJtransit and bus schedules, all data are available in PDF, search for train per word.

The trip 193 Bus Schedule NJ Transit, transit authority operates a daily schedule of buses, trains and light rail systems. Trains arrive at stations and buses stop at stations to provide easy access to all towns and cities.

NJ Transit Bus Schedule 193 PDF, if you’re planning a trip to New Jersey, NJ Transit will make your travel experience convenient and reliable.

Bus Schedule 193 NJ Transit

193 Bus Schedule NJ Transit PDF
193 Bus Schedule NJ Transit PDF

Bus Schedule NJ Transit 193, you can find information about your local station at any of the ticket office locations. No matter which option you choose, travelling will be much easier once you’ve planned a trip on NJ Transit!

View NJ Transit 193 bus schedule PDF, the agency runs a daily schedule of buses, trains and light rail systems that connect all of New Jersey.

Weekday – NJ Transit Bus 193 Bus Schedule

Bus NJtransit 193 NEW YORK EXPRESS

WILLOWBROOK PARK & RIDE => 05:20 am 05:40 am 05:55 am 06:10 am 06:22 am 06:32 am 06:42 am 06:52 am 07:02 am 07:12 am 07:22 am 07:32 am 07:42 am 07:52 am 08:02 am 08:12 am 08:22 am 08:32 am 08:42 am 08:52 am 09:02 am 09:12 am 09:32 am 09:42 am

PORT AUTHORITY BUS TERMINAL => 05:51 am 06:13 am 06:30 am 06:46 am 06:58 am 07:08 am 07:18 am 07:28 am 07:38 am 07:48 am 07:58 am 08:08 am 08:18 am 08:28 am 08:38 am 08:48 am 08:58 am 09:07 am 09:16 am 09:25 am 09:34 am 09:44 am 10:04 am 10:14 am


PORT AUTHORITY BUS TERMINAL => 03:50 pm 04:30 pm 04:45 pm 05:10 pm 05:20 pm 05:28 pm 05:36 pm 05:44 pm 05:52 pm 06:00 pm 06:10 pm 06:20 pm 06:30 pm 06:40 pm 06:50 pm 07:45 pm 08:45 pm 09:20 pm

WILLOWBROOK PARK & RIDE => 04:30 pm 05:10 pm 05:25 pm 05:50 pm 06:00 pm 06:08 pm 06:16 pm 06:22 pm 06:28 pm 06:34 pm 06:42 pm 06:51 pm 07:01 pm 07:11 pm 07:21 pm 08:16 pm 09:13 pm 09:46 pm

WILLOWBROOK MALL SHOPPERS STOP => 04:31 pm 05:11 pm 05:26 pm 05:51 pm 06:01 pm 06:09 pm 06:17 pm 06:23 pm 06:29 pm 06:35 pm 06:43 pm 06:52 pm 07:02 pm 07:12 pm 07:22 pm 08:17 pm 09:14 pm 09:47 pm

NJ Transit 193 Willowbrook – New York

Bus Route 193 Willowbrook – New York NJ Transit


New Jersey bus schedule, see the direction of travel by bus.

Bus Schedule NJ Transit – Route 193.

New York

193 New York


NJ Transit 193 direction New York


Willowbrook Mall

193 Willowbrook Mall


NJ Transit 193 Willowbrook Mall

Oursite keeps you informed of the nj transit bus schedule, everything that affects your trip, understand how New Jersey Transit works.

Tickets with no expiration date and are non-refundable used for nj transit bus schedule the number of zones are idicated on the ticket. You save up to 30% off when you buy an entire month’s pass, NJ Transit monthly bus ticket, unlimited travel on on NJ Transit List Bus.

New Jersey Transit 193 Willowbrook – New York

Built for travel between local routes within the city of New Jersey only. Interstate Passes is used for travel between New Jersey and New York or Philadelphia and also permitod for travel within New Jersey Transit.

Use more than one bus to get to your destination just make your connection, show your pass to the dirver you will travel to the number of zones in the pass. Points of sale in New Jersey Transit are available at the city’s major terminals, NJ Transit Pass Selling Machines.

Kids get discount on passes, children from 5 to 11 years of age pay less for ticket prices, children under 5 do not pay for free travel passes, students should check the student section for discounts. College students attending post-secondary schools participating in the college partnership program save 25% on regular monthly passes.

For students in primary and secondary schools up to grade 12 can get discount of up to 33% on adult roundtrip tickets. To obtain these discounts, the student must be eligible to access the official website of nj transit bus schedule and read the regulations.

For the elderly aged 62 years or older and people with disabilities travel on New Jersey Transit trains, buses and light vehicles at a reduced rate half or lower.

Passengers are available who pay a full rate transfers as long as it is a full trip should be made using only two buses within the city of New Jersey.

At the moment of shipment the transfer must be acquired plus a transfer fee, all transfers are valid for 2 hours after their issue.

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