Metro Transit 8 Egleston
Metro Transit 8 Egleston Kalamazoo Click to read more about route 8 Egleston READ MORE Serving Cork & Fulford, Wings Event Center, Milwood Middle School, MRC, Washington Square Apartmetns, Midlink Business Park, Emerald Park Apartments, Washington Square Library, and the Industrial Park on Covington. Click to view Route 8 Schedule VIEW ROUTE 8 SCHEDULE Metro transit bus schedule transportation kalamazoo and metro connect transit schedule routes kalamazoo county.

Route 8 Monday – Friday Bus Schedule
Outbound Leaves Rose Bay 6 Outbound Arrives Washington Square Outbound Arrives Fulford and Cork Outbound Arrives Industrial Park Outbound Arrives MRC Inbound Arrives Fulford and Cork Inbound Arrives Washington Square Inbound Arrives Rose Bay 6
5:45a 5:52a 6:10a 6:20a 6:38a
6:45a 6:52a 7:10a 7:20a 7:38a
7:45a 7:52a 8:10a 8:15a 8:20a 8:38a
8:45a 8:52a 9:10a 9:15a 9:20a 9:38a
9:45a 9:50a 9:52a 10:10a 10:20a 10:30a 10:38a
10:45a 10:52a 11:10a 11:15a 11:20a 11:38a
11:45a 11:50a 11:52a 12:10p 12:20p 12:30p 12:38p
12:45p 12:52p 1:10p 1:15p 1:20p 1:38p
1:45p 1:50p 1:52p 2:10p 2:20p 2:30p 2:38p
2:45p 2:52p 3:10p 3:15p 3:20p 3:38p
3:15p 3:22p 3:40p 3:45p 3:50p 4:08p
3:45p 3:52p 4:10p 4:15p 4:20p 4:38p
4:15p 4:22p 4:40p 4:45p 4:50p 5:08p
4:45p 4:52p 5:10p 5:15p 5:20p 5:38p
5:15p 5:22p 5:40p 5:50p 6:08p
6:15p 6:22p 6:40p 6:50p 7:08p
7:15p 7:22p 7:40p 7:50p 8:08p
8:15p 8:22p 8:40p 8:50p 9:08p
9:15p 9:22p 9:40p 9:50p 10:08p
10:15p 10:22p 10:40p 10:50p 11:08p
11:15p 11:22p 11:40p 11:50p 12:08a

Metro Transit 8 Egleston

Bus Schedule 8 Egleston

8 Bus Schedule Egleston