Metro Transit 4 Oakland
Metro Transit 4 Oakland Kalamazoo Click to read more about route 4 Oakland READ MORE Serving Evergreen South, Rosewood Complex, Parkview Hills, Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center, Milham Meadows, Wood Lake Elementary, Phoenix High School, Kalamazoo Christian Middle School, WMU Business Technology and Research Park, and WMU School of Medicine. Click to view Route 4 Schedule VIEW ROUTE 4 SCHEDULE Metro transit bus schedule transportation kalamazoo and metro connect transit schedule routes kalamazoo county.

Route 4 Monday – Friday Bus Schedule
Outbound Leaves Rose Bay 2 Outbound Arrives Oakland and Parkview Outbound Arrives Milham Meadows Inbound Arrives Rosewood Complex Inbound Arrives Evergreen South Inbound Arrives Parkview Hills Inbound Arrives Parkview and Barnard Inbound Arrives Rose Bay 2
6:15a 6:22a 6:33a 6:38a 6:42a 6:47a 6:52a 7:08a
7:15a 7:22a 7:33a 7:38a 7:42a 7:47a 7:52a 8:08a
8:15a 8:22a 8:33a 8:38a 8:42a 8:47a 8:52a 9:08a
9:15a 9:22a 9:33a 9:38a 9:42a 9:47a 9:52a 10:08a
10:15a 10:22a 10:33a 10:38a 10:42a 10:47a 10:52a 11:08a
11:15a 11:22a 11:33a 11:38a 11:42a 11:47a 11:52a 12:08p
12:15p 12:22p 12:33p 12:38p 12:42p 12:47p 12:52p 1:08p
1:15p 1:22p 1:33p 1:38p 1:42p 1:47p 1:52p 2:08p
2:15p 2:22p 2:33p 2:38p 2:42p 2:47p 2:52p 3:08p
3:15p 3:22p 3:33p 3:38p 3:42p 3:47p 3:52p 4:08p
4:15p 4:22p 4:33p 4:38p 4:42p 4:47p 4:52p 5:08p
5:15p 5:22p 5:33p 5:38p 5:42p 5:47p 5:52p 6:08p
6:15p 6:22p 6:33p 6:38p 6:42p 6:47p 6:52p 7:08p
7:15p 7:22p 7:33p 7:38p 7:42p 7:47p 7:52p 8:08p
8:15p 8:22p 8:33p 8:38p 8:42p 8:47p 8:52p 9:08p
9:15p 9:22p 9:33p 9:38p 9:42p 9:47p 9:52p 10:08p
10:15p 10:22p 10:33p 10:38p 10:42p 10:47p 10:52p 11:08p

Metro Transit 4 Oakland

Bus Schedule 4 Oakland

4 Bus Schedule Oakland