Metro Transit 26 West Centre
Metro Transit 26 West Centre Kalamazoo Click to read more about route 26 West Centre READ MORE Serving the Rosewood Complex, The Vista Apartments, Milham Meadows, Crossroads Mall, Romence and Oakland, 12th Street Elementary, Portage Northern High School, Portage Library, Meijer and Walmart, Portage Senior Center, and Borgess at Woodbridge. Click to view Route 26 Schedule VIEW ROUTE 26 SCHEDULE Metro transit bus schedule transportation kalamazoo and metro connect transit schedule routes kalamazoo county.

Route 26 Monday – Friday Bus Schedule
Outbound Leaves Crossroads Mall Outbound Arrives Brown and Currier Outbound Arrives Walmart Outbound Arrives Mulberry Point Inbound Arrives Meijer Inbound Arrives Borgess Inbound Arrives Milham Meadows Inbound Arrives Crossroads Mall
6:33a 6:42a
6:45a 6:55a 6:58a 7:03a 7:07a 7:18a 7:33a 7:42a
7:45a 7:55a 7:58a 8:03a 8:07a 8:18a 8:33a 8:42a
8:45a 8:55a 8:58a 9:03a 9:07a 9:18a 9:33a 9:42a
9:45a 9:55a 9:58a 10:03a 10:07a 10:18a 10:33a 10:42a
10:45a 10:55a 10:58a 11:03a 11:07a 11:18a 11:33a 11:42a
11:45a 11:55a 11:58a 12:03p 12:07p 12:18p 12:33p 12:42p
12:45p 12:55p 12:58p 1:03p 1:07p 1:18p 1:33p 1:42p
1:45p 1:55p 1:58p 2:03p 2:07p 2:18p 2:33p 2:42p
2:45p 2:55p 2:58p 3:03p 3:07p 3:18p 3:33p 3:42p
3:45p 3:55p 3:58p 4:03p 4:07p 4:18p 4:33p 4:42p
4:45p 4:55p 4:58p 5:03p 5:07p 5:18p 5:33p 5:42p
5:45p 5:55p 5:58p 6:03p 6:07p 6:18p 6:33p 6:42p
6:45p 6:55p 6:58p 7:03p 7:07p 7:18p 7:33p 7:42p
7:45p 7:55p 7:58p 8:03p 8:07p 8:18p 8:33p 8:42p
8:45p 8:55p 8:58p 9:03p 9:07p 9:18p 9:33p 9:42p
9:45p 9:55p 9:58p 10:03p 10:07p 10:18p 10:33p

Metro Transit 26 West Centre

bus schedule 26 West Centre

– The diversity is also a priority of metro transit times kalamazoo, which prizes for the equal care of any and every passenger, allowing everyone to feel contemplated in their service, comfort and individual needs.

26 bus schedule West Centre