Metro Transit 21 WMU Solon Kendall Lafayette
Metro Transit 21 WMU Solon Kendall Lafayette Kalamazoo Click to read more about route 21 WMU Solon Kendall Lafayette READ MORE Serving Western Michigan University’s main campus at Rood Hall, Kendall Manor, Whitehall Apartments, and the Landing Apartments, Fraternity Village, Greenwood, and Knollwood Apartments when WMU is in session during Fall/Spring Semesters. Click to view Route 21 Schedule VIEW ROUTE 21 SCHEDULE Metro transit bus schedule transportation kalamazoo and metro connect transit schedule routes kalamazoo county.

Route 21 Monday – Friday Bus Schedule
Outbound Leaves Campus Loading Zone Outbound Arrives Knollwood Apartments Inbound Arrives Campus Loading Zone Inbound Arrives Solon and West Main
7:00a 7:04a 7:15a 7:19a
7:30a 7:34a 7:45a 7:49a
8:00a 8:04a 8:15a 8:19a
8:30a 8:34a 8:45a 8:49a
9:00a 9:04a 9:15a 9:19a
9:30a 9:34a 9:45a 9:49a
10:00a 10:04a 10:15a 10:19a
10:30a 10:34a 10:45a 10:49a
11:00a 11:04a 11:15a 11:19a
11:30a 11:34a 11:45a 11:49a
12:00p 12:04p 12:15p 12:19p
12:30p 12:34p 12:45p 12:49p
1:00p 1:04p 1:15p 1:19p
1:30p 1:34p 1:45p 1:49p
2:00p 2:04p 2:15p 2:19p
2:30p 2:34p 2:45p 2:49p
3:00p 3:04p 3:15p 3:19p
3:30p 3:34p 3:45p 3:49p
4:00p 4:04p 4:15p 4:19p
4:30p 4:34p 4:45p 4:49p
5:00p 5:04p 5:15p 5:19p
5:30p 5:34p 5:45p 5:49p
6:00p 6:04p 6:15p 6:19p
6:30p 6:34p 6:45p 6:49p
7:00p 7:04p 7:15p 7:19p
7:30p 7:34p 7:45p 7:49p
8:00p 8:04p 8:15p 8:19p
8:30p 8:34p 8:45p 8:49p
9:00p 9:04p 9:15p 9:19p
9:30p 9:34p 9:45p 9:49p
10:00p 10:04p 10:15p 10:19p
10:30p 10:34p 10:45p 10:49p
11:00p 11:04p 11:15p 11:19p
11:30p 11:34p 11:45p 11:49p

Metro Transit 21 WMU Solon Kendall Lafayette

Bus Schedule 21 WMU Solon Kendall Lafayette

21 Bus Schedule WMU Solon Kendall Lafayette