Metro Transit 1 Westnedge
Metro Transit 1 Westnedge Kalamazoo Click to read more about route 1 Westnedge READ MORE Serving Southland Mall, Portage Adult Education, Meijer on Westnedge, and Crossroads Mall. Click to view Route 1 Schedule VIEW ROUTE 1 SCHEDULE Metro transit bus schedule transportation kalamazoo and metro connect transit schedule routes kalamazoo county.

Route 1 Monday – Friday Bus Schedule
Outbound Leaves Burdick Bay 11 Outbound Arrives Meijer Outbound Arrives Portage Adult Education Inbound Leaves Crossroads Inbound Leaves Meijer Inbound Leaves Park & Forest Inbound Arrives Burdick Bay 11
5:45a 6:00a 6:15a 6:22a 6:27a 6:38a
6:15a 6:30a 6:45a 6:52a 6:57a 7:08a
6:45a 7:00a 7:15a 7:22a 7:27a 7:38a
7:15a 7:30a 7:35a 7:45a 7:52a 7:57a 8:08a
7:45a 8:00a 8:05a 8:15a 8:22a 8:27a 8:38a
8:15a 8:30a 8:45a 8:52a 8:57a 9:08a
8:45a 9:00a 9:15a 9:22a 9:27a 9:38a
9:15a 9:30a 9:45a 9:52a 9:57a 10:08a
9:45a 10:00a 10:15a 10:22a 10:27a 10:38a
10:15a 10:30a 10:45a 10:52a 10:57a 11:08a
10:45a 11:00a 11:15a 11:22a 11:27a 11:38a
11:15a 11:30a 11:45a 11:52a 11:57a 12:08p
11:45a 12:00p 12:15p 12:22p 12:27p 12:38p
12:15p 12:30p 12:45p 12:52p 12:57p 1:08p
12:45p 1:00p 1:15p 1:22p 1:27p 1:38p
1:15p 1:30p 1:45p 1:52p 1:57p 2:08p
1:45p 2:00p 2:15p 2:22p 2:27p 2:38p
2:15p 2:30p 2:45p 2:52p 2:57p 3:08p
2:45p 3:00p 3:15p 3:22p 3:27p 3:38p
3:15p 3:30p 3:45p 3:52p 3:57p 4:08p
3:45p 4:00p 4:15p 4:22p 4:27p 4:38p
4:15p 4:30p 4:45p 4:52p 4:57p 5:08p
4:45p 5:00p 5:15p 5:22p 5:27p 5:38p
5:15p 5:30p 5:45p 5:52p 5:57p 6:08p
5:45p 6:00p 6:15p 6:22p 6:27p 6:38p
6:15p 6:30p 6:45p 6:52p 6:57p 7:08p
7:15p 7:30p 7:45p 7:52p 7:57p 8:08p
8:15p 8:30p 8:45p 8:52p 8:57p 9:08p
9:15p 9:30p 9:45p 9:52p 9:57p 10:08p
10:15p 10:30p 10:45p 10:52p 10:57p 11:08p
11:15p 11:30p 11:45p 11:52p 11:57p 12:08a

Metro Transit 1 Westnedge

Bus Schedule 1 Westnedge

1 Bus Schedule Westnedge