Intercity Transit Olympia Center

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Intercity Transit Olympia

Passenger transportation services are offered in Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater and Yelm, Washington.

12 L&I, Olympia Transit Center

13 L&I, Tumwater Square, Olympia Transit Center

21 Provides between Bethel Street, North Central Street

41 Provides between The Evergreen State College

42 Provides to Family Court, SPSCC

45 Provides between Capital Mall, Conger

47 Provides between Capital Medical Center, Capital Mall

48 Provides between The Evergreen State College, Capital Mall

60 St. Peter Hospital, Panorama, Olympia Transit Center

62A between Martin Way, Northeast Lacey

62B between Lacey, The Meadows, Olympia Transit Center

64 Olympia Transit Center, Lacey Transit Center, Amtrak, College Street

66 Lacey Corporate Center, Ruddell Road, Olympia Transit Cente

67 Lacey, Tri Lake

68 Lacey Transit Center, SPSCC, Capital Mall

94 Lacey Corporate Center, Yelm, Olympia Transit Center

101 DASH – Free Downtown Olympia Shuttle

411 Nightline – Weekend late-night between Evergreen State College

574 To and From SeaTac Airport Transfer to or from Sound

590 or 594 To and From Seattle Using Sound Transit

612 Olympia Transit Center, Tacoma Dome Station

620 Express Weekends between Olympia/Lacey and Tacoma Mall

Intercity Transit
Intercity Transit

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